1 May 2017

A Floral Awakening

The end of Winter signals the start of Nature's Renaissance, a yearly art movement all to itself! And all the while, I shall never cease to be enchanted by Spring, my favourite season!

Semi-wild and heavy with scent: the roses at Château de Gudanes

Here in the northern hemisphere, nature is being reborn. The land awakes from Winter slumber, all aflutter in ways aplenty. It is sprouting a myriad of velvety catnips, soft to the touch. Sprouting tight buds, full of promise, unfolding into fresh tree leaves and floral blooms laden with sweet-scented aromas. Right now in Corsica, the air is fragrant with wild perennial Erysimum (wallflower), and elderflower, imbuing the air with their delicate yet intoxicating notes.

The joys of Spring will yield the boons of Summer (ibid.)

Our faunistic friends are busy nest-building. Bird songs speckle the canvas of our dusk and dawn with sparkles of sound, rich with joy, abundance and celebration. Enough to make you thankful to be alive! As I have said many a time... You are never alone with nature by your side.

Canopy of elegance: Albyzia trees (ibid.)

Hey, nature lover, more floral Spring delights await!

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