7 Sep 2016

Political Correctness: Weapon of White Destruction

Over the last 30 years or so, political correctness has seeped in, crept up, infiltrated every corner of our public and private lives. It was that dashing yet slightly overdone, uninvited guest that showed up with the RSVP card from the invited guest. It had all the credentials, wore all the bells and whistles, and most importantly was chaperoned by The Establishment, whose premise was/ is to make us citizens more polished and inclusive and thoughtful and tolerant. Boy, did that sound good to anyone willing to embark on a little journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment! So we allowed the thing in. It acted politely at first, obliged to the petits-fours and family photos in our living rooms, but it remained nonetheless focussed on its mission. It talked to us but it wasn't long before it was talking at us, yet convincingly enough: it made sense and we bought into the spiel.

Installation by Joschi Herczeg and Daniele Kaehr

Institutions and the mainstream media have purported the Establishment's social engineering programme, inspired by PR spin doctor Edward Bernays, or by pseudo sciences like the controversial NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and other mind control programmes aimed at channeling political correctness into us and make us more docile and acceptant of the borderless, multicultural, disempowered, deindustrialised, state-controlled, libertarian, UN Agenda 21-compliant One World end game. To this end, PC has morphed our behaviour, conversations, discourse, observations and thoughts, discreetly and politely at first before making itself compulsory and unavoidable. In a nutshell, you must embrace political correctness in order to align with the redefined societal values and be accepted.

There's no two ways about it: political correctness is the most insidious form of free speech repression. It is meant to deprogramme the mind of certain values and markers and re-engineer them like you rewrite a line of code before embedding it back into the mind through politics, media, education, religion and the tyranny of elite-funded humanitarianism.

Political correctness goes beyond the news channels and delves deep into the arcanes of power, reframing the mindset of the workforce within public institutions and private companies. The Common Purpose programme in Britain is one such example. In the USA, the controversial Common Core is a diktat from the U.S. Department of Education that is, for instance, instilling new computational methods that defy logic and common sense.

By exerting a paradigm shift, political correctness was/ is meant to change us. It got entangled with our value system, it struck where it hurts: family, race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, education, religion, politics, and communication strategies. It decided on how we were supposed to think and act. The leftist, feminist, family-hostile agenda has had a field day with PC. If you crave examples, The Guardian and The Huffington Post are two models of political correctness that jump up my nose like a bad case of hay fever.

Kay Francis in Mandalay (1934), pict source

Political correctness was never meant to be politically correct. As a result, its divisive tactics aimed at the silent majority ended up overstepping the mark, outlasting its stay and forcing itself onto the very fabric of our Western societies like a blob of bubble-gum stuck to a shoe. A welcomed intrusion at first that forced itself into the collective psyche under the guise of promoting fairness, diversity and equalitarianism and giving a voice to the oppressed, it ended up gaffing and offensive. For the PC brigade had waged a war on the hard-working traditional white middle-class families, labelling them unfair, supremacist, bigot, racist, privileged, educated, sexist, homophobic, anti-feminist, and/ or fat-intolerant... Just tick the boxes and add to the list! And let's not get started on those micro-aggressions...

Blank it out at your peril, yet we have now reached a peak and might be on the verge of blowing a fuse. Early on in his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has blasted political correctness. He set a precedence for he managed to overrule the sacro-sanctity of mainstream media and get his message across to the American voters in ways that bypass the mainstream media altogether who had point blank hailed him a racist and a bigot.

The good news is that the aura - the taboo even - surrounding political correctness is fracturing down. Not down the mainstream but upstream thanks to the likes of WikiLeaks, Breitbart News, Infowars, UK Column, Nigel Farage, Anne Marie Waters and countless alternative journalists, writers, broadcasters, political activists, free thinkers and whistleblowers who are daring to question global governance and enjoin us to reclaim our Western identity, our national borders, our cultural heritage, our traditional Christian family values, our freedom of speech, and good old common sense. Governments are stepping up legislation in a view to control freedom of speech and clamp down any form of dissent that goes against the grain. Now it is all up to us whether we keep playing the recorded tune or finally get our word out.

Silenced, a Mike Cernovich documentary

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