18 Jan 2016

Wedding Cheers!

I'd kept this under wraps and there had been no hint of it in my blogs. Understand that I am a private person, fiercely protective of my personal life, and like to keep it that way, only sharing a milestone moment in a few chosen (almost discreet) words. And this milestone right now is circled in a couple of wedding bands!

Roby and I got married recently! We held a private ceremony amongst a very small circle of close family members. It was all about simplicity and honesty. To us, what matters is not so much the theatrics of the big day than the deep significance that marriage, love and commitment behold. It is not so much about the big day than what comes after the big day - yeah the day after - and I need to point this one out, because I might be saving a few marriages in the process. It appears that way too many people out there are still getting married for the wedding day rather than for the marriage! And this is where it all goes pear-shaped!

Oh, I do love browsing through the sheer elegance of Style Me Pretty and BHLDN, don't get me wrong! But for me to dedicate a hefty budget and - let's say - months of careful planning, or to delegate this to the expert hands of some wedding planner, to ensure the hush of the confetti is coordinated to the hush of the sugar rose petals sitting atop a profiterole, that or I shall lose my beauty sleep, get hot under the collar and break into a sweat... Well the arrangements and lavishness and pretence and whatever it might be called was no bridal priority of mine - or Roby's. As much as I am a sucker for design and pretty packages, neither my husband nor I needed our wedding day to be a showcase for it. Because what matters most to us is not the packaging, it's what is inside it; a love that tastes sweet and genuine and is solid and enduring, rather than a love that just looks pretty - and somewhat manufactured. This is one of the reasons why we kept it low-key.

Here is a little household fun to brighten up your Monday - not to be taken literally at face value, but rather with a generous pinch of salt - as some might read it as a sexist misinterpretation of marriage. Those inexpensive wedding presents are from Housing Units, an old haunt of mine back in my Manchester days...

Meanwhile check out our Mirabelle lifestyle feature on our wedding!

Amore Pair of Mugs Gift Set
Amore Mr and Mrs Bottle Gift Set
Amore Mr and Mrs Keyrings

23-Jan-2016 Update:

My heartfelt thanks to my coach, Dina Robison!

Woohoo! A past client of mine that came to me exactly two years ago just got married to the love of her life! I'm so excited for this couple glowing with #LOVE... Posted by Dina Robison - Deliberate Attraction Coach on Friday, 22 January 2016

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