9 Jan 2016

Awesome Acts of Kindness for Others!

No better way to kick the New Year into shape than with La Baguette Magique! In this mini-series, we have it all covered: Self, Others and good old Mother Earth! In our previous article, I gave you 3 Hints 'N' Tips to help get your Self on track to a leaner and fitter You: no animal lurking 6-inch deep in Hollandaise (sauce) or your face cream or the collar of your coat. The TV got sent off on a permanent vacation, and social media overtime got over with!

Now how about addressing what good we can bring to Others, in three easy steps...

'Madonna & Child' Paintbrush Portrait by Rebecca Szeto

For Others #1:
  • (Re-)connect with a family member or friend. No better time of the year than when the year is young and fresh! Plus Mercury Retrograde is on, which means that verbs starting with 're' get priority in our lives: rethink, redo, review, revisit, reconnect... We have a way at getting caught into life and slipping off the radar, slipping away to do our thing, and friendships start falling off the wayside, and aunts and cousins get neglected. Sometimes a little tiff got in the way of our relationship and we started to stay away for longer, making excuses. And then it gets harder and harder to pick up that phone or knock on that door. And then you know what? One day, all is left is a bunch of regrets. Spare the heartache and get in touch! If it feels a little daunting, why not put pen to paper first? You could even forgo paper for a nice little card that has a picture of their favourite plant or animal or monument... Even more of a personable touch, design that card from scratch!
For Others #2:
  • Forgo takeaway and ready-made for your loved ones, and bake a cake instead! Or build something from scratch, or create a little art! It needn't be the 8th wonder of the world (although it could!). It could simply be a nice vintage wooden crate from your attic repurposed (another 're' verb for us!) into a side table. Or something as unfussy and free of charge as a handful of squash seeds from your heirloom collection or a selection of plant cuttings as a little impromptu gift to the garden lover in your life. Just to show them you care and think about them. A little pressie that comes from the heart and is directly connected to you in history. Not a shop-bought object. Something with presence and soul and connection and history.
'Decorate with Flowers...' by Oh Joy!

For Others #3:
  • Strike up a conversation with someone whose name you don't know! Down the local shop, or the beach, or while waiting for the tram, and make that person their day! Conversations don't have to last for ages. Start off with a heartfelt compliment over their hairstyle or scarf or dog, or a positive (funny even!) comment about the shop you are both stood in, or other immediate common ground. I've struck up some awesome conversations with people I had never met before. Being a dog-owner has certainly helped me in that department! I've had my spirits lifted just out of random conversations (and theirs too!). Also why not consider leaving a friendly comment on a blog you follow? That's another little nod of encouragement that goes a long way.
How easy and light-hearted was that? I can tell you want more! Here we go, let's do it for Round 3: Awesome Acts of Kindness for the Earth!

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