5 Oct 2015

Lucca Comics & Games 2015

There is a flurry of behind-the-blog-scenes activity for me at present - and we have a lot of rejoicing and travel in the pipeline! Amongst the exciting developments is my better half relocating from the USA to France, where we will finally be able to join and share our lives together.

Lucca province, Tuscany, Italy

And as everything tends to happen at the same time (doesn't it?), we'll be shortly hopping across to Italy. The reason being that Roby (my fiancé) has been kindly invited by an Italian game publisher to take part in the forthcoming Lucca Comics & Games, the renowned International Festival of Comics, Animation, Illustration and Games, held in the medieval Tuscan town of Lucca, Italy. Now picture the scene. You put in the same sentence (like I've just done) my dashing fiancé, a history-charged locale, Tuscany, culture, creativity, design and artistry, and you get a feature of cool that is bound to grace the likes of The Cool Hunter! A combination that gets a resounding WOW of wonder from this lady as she is typing away her bit of text! And the exclamation mark doesn't even give justice to the excitement itself!

I will be reporting back from Lucca, and posting pictures in due time. I am going to get up, close and personal with the world of D&D (Dungeons & Dragons), which may sound like some medieval secret society - but is not, so don't you worry. I will also probably be rubbing shoulders with other exotic-looking creatures, humanoids, and Halloweenesque comeuppances ('tis that time of year!), all escapees from books and celluloid (ok, I meant digital), Special FX and the works of imagination at play (and work is play for those creatives, like play is work), for a little fantasy fest jest. Right now, I am feeling like a kid on her way to the candy store!

Meanwhile I shall leave you with some pictorial prelude and all the anticipation that it includes... For more of the finger-on-the-pulse action, you may want to check out Lucca Comics & Games - and especially the Games section (our little bias) - if you haven't already done so. Happy browsing!

Garfagnana region, Tuscany (by Jim DeLutes photography)

[Update 08-Dec-2015]: Roby and I had such a great time at the Lucca Comics & Games 2015! Don't miss out the highlights!

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