9 Sep 2015

Chemtrails Spin a World Wide Web

Ignorance is bliss but it is no blessing for we live in times of high uncertainty where we should begin to scratch the surface of the big illusion manufactured en-masse by the media and the governing elite, because like in The Truman Show all is not as it seems. Anything stranger than fiction is unsettling but we ought to investigate it.

The Truman Show Minimalist Poster by Tchav, via DeviantART

I first came across the word chemtrail only a few months ago, while watching a video by British astrologer and truth seeker David Cammegh. He was talking about U.N. Agenda 21 and - amongst other topics - population control: how we are getting routinely and purposely poisoned by heavy metals and chemical aerosols sprayed by civilian and military aircrafts over our populated areas. This left me cautiously perplexed, and I chose to shrug it off as 'Here we go, another conspiracy theory!' As much as I am open-minded, there are times where I draw the line at inconvenient truths - merely for my own sanity. I did have a quick look on Wikipedia though, which comforted me in my assumption of chemtrails being little more than some fuzzy conspiracy theory. That reassured me, and I could neatly retreat back into my comfort zone, pull the wool over my eyes and forget about it. Of course we should be ill-advised to consider Wikipedia as the almighty source of information and as strict purveyor of truth and unbiased knowledge.

Want to see chemtrails? Step outside and look up the sky, it's that simple. Just stop being self-absorbed into your smartphone and distracted by other gadgets! Honestly, when was the last time you had a good look at the sky? You'd be surprised at how modified it is looking these days...

I was to make another encounter with geoengineering (the science behind chemtrails) a few days ago, while researching the Europe migrant crisis. This time over, I decided to delve into the subject. There are literally tons of recorded evidence on geoengineering activities, yet by the same token, once you try to find out the reasons behind the scheme, access any official (declassified) documentation released online, and ultimately how to get governments to stop this machination that has been programmed by those who are supposed to protect us, it seems that 'Citizen Lambda' is powerless. This should not deter us from spreading the word, recording the evidence (more of that in a minute!), and contacting the press and our local or national chemtrail watch organisation.

As a starting point, if you want a general grasp and not get distracted by the zillions of blogs out there, you need to watch this compelling account by Rosalind Peterson in her keynote speech at the 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference on Climate Change (United Nations, New York, September 5-7, 2007.) I promise you that you'll never look at the sky the same way after this!

Geoengineering is a controversial Frankenstein science and a freakish large-scale control programme that has gained prominence since the late 1990s. It tackles weather modification programmes under the premise of fighting climate change, fostering agriculture crops, protecting us from harmful UV effects, and - wait for it - shielding us from the possibility of bacteriological warfare! Geoengineering presents itself as a friend, but - as with Monsanto - don't be fooled by the spin doctors. It sends out unmarked military aircrafts the size of commercial carriers on daily missions across (mostly) the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, to spray our blue skies with a lethal cocktail of nano particulates made up of aluminum, barium, arsenic, spores, fungus, viruses and other deadly pathogens all at odd with anything to do with 'the better good'. In fact, unsuspecting civilian populations have long been their government's testing ground for biological and virological weaponry of all kinds, with chemtrails now being the vehicle of choice.

Geoengineering is also behind those freak weather conditions that curse certain areas of the world, namely California (hot Summers, severe droughts, tree depletion and raging fires), northern US Midwest/ East Coast (Winter snow blizzards), Europe (flash floods), and the latest Chinese Winter snowfalls. Whatever happened to the laws of nature, the US have vowed to control the weather by 2025. Isn't this scary?!

What my back yard looked like on 08 Sept 2015 at 10:51am...
We are talking unprecedented air pollution carried out on a massive scale. The toxic white trails and plumes and haze that evidence the shady airborne activities are said to remain in the sky up to 20 hours. In fact, from my personal findings, they were still visible 24 hours after spraying took place. Unlike contrails (*) a.k.a. condensation trails, chemtrails are not made to dissipate fast, but rather stay in suspension and then slowly disperse for maximum effect and coverage. 

You can be sure that pollution this size and concentration brings an array of health problems, from respiratory (asthma) to digestive, via heart problems, headaches, mental fatigue, apathy and stress. Move over Prozac Nation, we are now Chemtrail Nation! The rise in the number of Alzheimer cases and autism has been reported by the medical world this decade. We know about the correlation between Alzheimer's, autism, Parkinson's disease and aluminum exposure, and adding more of the offending substance into the astmosphere will only exacerbate neurological diseases to pandemic proportions. As for autism, already linked to the notorious glyphosate found in Monsanto's Roundup, it is too being exacerbated by the tons of chemicals pumped daily into our skies and elsewhere in our environment. Cancers are linked, amongst other factors, to pollution and that includes chemtrails.

... and my front yard at 10:55am

At this point, with the information I have been able to garner online, I am sceptical as to any geoengineering philanthropy goal. It seems to be merely a cog in the wheel that spins for the Military, Big Pharma and the GMO lords, and for the engineered depopulation of the earth, a.k.a. genocide, not only of human life but also animal life, as evidenced by inexplicable high numbers of them dying off. Not to mention that chemtrails contaminate our water supplies and our food chain. Now at this point, for us to turn a blind eye on chemtrails is sheer folly as this is happening so blatantly in broad daylight before our very eyes, should we at least take the trouble to lift our eyes from our daily vagaries.

My Personal Frontline Diary Account (French island of Corsica, 08 Sept 2015):

Monday 7th Sept had been a blissful day, clear blue skies, not a cloud. I was almost ready to discredit any chemtrail existence from my neck of the woods. Next day, I woke up unusually late, feeling drowsy. I knew something was up straight away as I headed for my window, flung open the shutters and was faced with a show of sinister proportions. I dashed outside with my camera, spotted at least two airplanes, and then a third, spraying the sky until it had turned white. If I had been in denial before, this time I could not, due to the sheer intensity of the spraying and the formation of erratic and persistent trail patterns across the sky in the space of a few minutes.

I have increased contrast to display the layers of haze.
(*) Chemtrails vs. Contrails: Chemtrails are 'unnatural-looking cloud trails occasionally produced by airplanes that don't dissipate normally, and that end up blanketing the skies with a hazy muck. They differ entirely from water vapor contrails produced when water vapor condenses and freezes around small aerosol particles released from aircraft exhaust.' (source: Natural News).

★ 14-Sept-2015 Update: As much as I have an open mind and - at the same time - refuse to get bogged down in the controversies plaguing our world, I can assure you that chemtrails are not being mistaken for contrails (see above paragraph for definition). Now pay attention, I'm gonna debunk the debunkers. I live on a highly touristic island, in a tourist hotspot, with July and August being high-peak season. Yet over the high-peak season, we had clear blue skies. Understand that bar the odd brief quick-dissolving contrail high up in the sky, I did NOT notice any of the suspiciously persistent cottonwool-like trails and heavy criss-cross mucky haze that I now come across daily. If those are supposed to be nothing more than condensation trails - as opposed to chemtrails - how come are we getting so many of them now that tourist season and air traffic are off peak?

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  1. You've been swindled by a hoax. Those are just contrails from ordinary aircraft. You can verify this for yourself using, for example, flightradar24 or flightaware, which track the flights above your head. They are unsightly but they are not sinister.

  2. Many thanks for your comment, much appreciated. I am keeping an open mind on the subject and I would like to believe that our weather is not being tampered with by science, despite some evidence proving it otherwise. All in all, the less human interference with nature, the better for the planet and ourselves!