20 Apr 2015

Getting Used to Less on Agenda 21 - Preamble

If we care to look at the world head on in the harsh reality of life, we are faced with a nightmare. But don't you worry, because the powers that be - the elite above the elite - have got it all sorted for us under U.N. Agenda 21. They created the problem, alongside with their solution to the problem. Their antidote at the ready is insidiously seeping into our lives, while we are being consumed by the lure of mass-consumption, an enticement attached to the pursuit of happiness.

Petropolis: Alberta Tar Sands are the size of England! (pict source)

We are in a state of urgency at this point and we must not kid ourselves that all is fine. We are stood on a planet that has turned into a ticking time bomb, on many levels. Firstly, the world population has more than doubled in the last fifty years, and our planet cannot sustain the pressure of exponential demographics, especially as plant, animal, freshwater and mineral resources are being plundered to extinction. I yet have to hear from governments - aside from China or Japan - taking measures to discourage high birth rates. As far as I understand, high birth rate is being encouraged and incentivised even. Although it seems that behind the scenes, the issue has been taking a sinister Malthusian turn, with certain members of the ultra-elitist Club of Rome, as reported by Australian politician Ann Bressington.

Global citizenship and regionalisation: The rise of globalisation - aided by technological progress and streamlining of competition down to a select core number of global FMCGs and service providers - means the world is turning into 'one big village'. Above all, it implies the loss of personal identity and the erosion of individual liberty within nations, as the latter are being amalgamated under different economic groupings, be they Euro Zone, EU, Schengen States, G20, EMEA, Emerging Markets, TPP, TTIP, or CETA. Those groupings do not serve the interests of the populations concerned. They foster the bully economic supremacy of a chosen few - namely the US.

Jonah Natural Gas Field, Wyoming, USA (pict ©Ecoflight) shows extensive damage caused by fracking

Globalisation aims for a levelled-down semi-homogenous median identikit consumer profile that fits global mass-market requirements. Additionally, our national (federal) governments blur the boundaries of traditional family units and values, and what used to ground us and unite us in terms of heritage, legacy, national pride (patriotism), socio-cultural identity, local folklore and traditions, craftsmanship, creativity, engineering, spirit of enterprise (free enterprise), is now dissolving away. Unelected committee-based governances like that of the EU imply "an erasure of jurisdictional boundaries, an erasure of national boundaries, and that is the goal" [for local Agenda 21.] (Rosa Koire).

As a result, we get fragmented, ostracised and isolated communities that in effect are communities no more. We are forcefully mollycoddled into political correctness that prevents us from calling a spade a spade, without being stigmatised. Our democracies are a shadow of their former selves since they are reinterpreting their Constitutions and turning into police states, attacking our civil liberties, one after the next. Honest and hardworking citizens are being fooled, silenced, ripped off and overtaxed by the rulers. Divide and conquer!

'Chips' New Islington residential development in Ancoats, Manchester (pict source)
Education has become a propaganda tool for governments, and is now nothing more than an impoverished form of knowledge transmission, very limited and linear, that educates just enough so you get a Mickey Mouse diploma that will fit you right into the mould of a Mickey Mouse job. Education has ceased to elevate and enlighten. Ask Sir Ken Robinson.

The manufacturing base in westernised countries has been totally wiped out and the machinery, knowledge base and industrial heritage exported to the Far East. This means that our countries are no longer able to be self-sufficient and economically autonomous and independent. Under the Blair government, for instance, the UK lost one million industrial jobs within a decade. It is pretty tragic for the Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, to not manufacture anymore a piece of textile as trivial and basic as underpants, and being forced to rely on imports!

Nike's sweatshop fabulous! (pict source)

Land management: Prime and fertile agricultural land is no longer destined to feed the population. It is being built upon: highways, retail and leisure parks and those other temples of consumption! Pristine land and ecological havens are being mercilessly and extensively fracked, or turned to huge windpower farms, or extensive bitumen sludges. The ecological disaster projects are conducted by Big Corporate under the complicity of the governments, corporate banking and offshore private equity funds. We are pretty much within a self-destructing model that is set for yield in the moment, without a care for the future.

Let them eat cake and play games: In our leisure-focused society, the need to buy more and consume more has been collectively engineered by marketers and the media and pushed to its limits. Consumers are encouraged (and peer-pressured) to keep up to date with the latest trends and gadgets, with always an eye out on the latest model, the latest colour, the latest gimmick. Planned obsolescence helps to accelerate the process, and keeps people on the hook. You just keep buying. This puts pressure on already stretched resources, and it creates more waste, as yesterday's iPhones, cars, trainers and sofas are discarded.

Broken utopia (pict source)

With our production base relocated to countries with low wages and flimsy labour laws, and where child labour is solicited, slavery has become a rampant by-product of established high-street brands like Nike, Calvin Klein, Gap, H&M, Mango, Primark, Walmart, Ikea and countless others. Low production costs come at the cost of human lives.

Yet as I said earlier, "Don't you worry, because the powers that be - the elite above the elite - have got it all sorted for us under U.N. Agenda 21". (to be continued)

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