26 Apr 2015

Getting Used to Less on Agenda 21 - Call to Action

I do realise that it would take a heavy word count to truly get into the nitty-gritty of U.N. Agenda 21. My aim has been to raise awareness via my blog, and to provide the facts within a three-part presentation (1) Preamble, (2) Setting the Scene, and (3) Counter-Growth, that would cover most of the basics. As with every bit of research that I conduct, I have dedicated a fair amount of time to this particular subject, yet no doubt will I have the opportunity to debate it further in future articles, as my knowledge base expands.

Solar Impulse, prior to take-off from Chongqing, China, 21-Apr-2015
Now the last thing I want is to sound like some Doom Master. On the other hand, I could NOT not share my views and findings and those of other individuals in the know, because sustainable development as purported by Agenda 21 is no planet-friendly ecology manifesto.

My definition of U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development: It is about the global acquisition of land and resources, and the redistribution of wealth, alongside the re-alignment of westernised societies to a post-industrial counter-rural model, with accrued monitoring and surveillance of our customer habits and lifestyles.

If you believed that films like Minority Report or books like George Orwell's 1984 were crazy fiction, I would expressly request that you rethink.

Occupy Wall Street (pict source)

In this last part to Getting Used to Less on Agenda 21, I propose a CTA (Call To Action) in a few pointers that will keep you alert and smart as a consumer and citizen. Prepare for take-off:
  • Share my article, and do find out more about Agenda 21 for yourself and at your leisure.
  • Watch alternative news to the mainstream elite-owned news channels.
  • Cultivate or take a keener interest in the world. Have opinions, be involved, sign petitions, join peaceful protests to defend our civil rights and liberties, volunteer to help (save your local church, clean up your local beach, walk the dogs from the local shelter, become a hospital visitor). Protect the causes that are close to your heart. Make it loud and clear that you oppose GMOs and other poisons that are being manufactured to create disease and decay.
  • See life as on-going education. Expand your knowledge. Read, learn, write a blog, be curious about the world, your history and heritage. Stay smart, do mental exercises (brain gym to keep your brain alert!). There are plenty of free educational tools online as a starter-point, as a teaser to awaken your curiosity. If used smartly, Wikipedia or Pinterest will introduce you to topics as varied as antiquities, travel, inventions, history, astronomy, physics, theatre, etc. Check my mood boards for ideas.
  • All in all, cultivate your critique and do not take things at face value or what the media or politicians tell you as truth. Attune to reinterpret what they actually mean. Wonder, ponder, question, doubt, find out for yourself. Be or remain a free spirit. Stay inspired and fired up for life.
  • Keep social media on a leash. Do not get sucked into it and be cautious as to what you do share online. Just remember that you have a life to live out there in the real world and life goes by fast enough as it is!
  • Reduce your intake of junk food. Aim for organic produce whenever possible. Cook your own meals. Become a vegetarian. Steer clear of those zero calorie (i.e. aspartame) drinks. Boycott unethical brands. Ditch ibuprofen painkillers, fluoride toothpaste and aluminum-based deodorants!
Do not lose sight of the fact that world governance does NOT like NOR does it want a smart, educated, intelligent, dynamic, involved and spirited citizen and consumer. They want them dumbed-down and therefore easily-manipulatable.

Thanks for taking part in the journey. Meanwhile on a personal note, I would like to thank Roby, my better half, for being an inspiration powerhouse and a keen supporter of my work.

Surfing for Change


Getting Used to Less on Agenda 21 is a 4-part series:  Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4

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