6 Apr 2015

Corsican Spring Flowers - Simply Natural Beauties

I always feel pride and joy whenever I delve into my personal photographic stock of wildflowers that I have garnered over my five years in Corsica. Pride and joy, not so much towards my photographic skills as to the subjects posing for my camera: natural floral beauties of the wild!

Should one be seeker of beauty and artistry, may they look out for it in its natural environment and habitat, before man-made works of Art. As much as I specifically love to describe butterflies as mobile works of art (artworks in motion), artistry embraces the natural world as a whole.

Catmint, roadside marshland, Pietracorbara (April 2011)
Unfortunately humans have been lured away from the beauty of nature and made to find it instead in the material world, with a price tag attached. Meanwhile the manifestation of those goods and services - that serve the trappings of urban life - mean ever-expanding cities and suburban belts. Retail, office, industrial and transport infrastructures blight landscapes, irrevocably compromise ecosystems, encroach onto natural habitat, fraction it away, brittle it down... Wild flowers are direct casualties. As forgiving and resilient as nature is, it doesn't however need to be put down and disrespected.

Meanwhile for us nature lovers, there is more wild Corsican flora to peruse, from our Month in Bloom series. Why not come say 'Hello!' to me in my garden and we'll share a garden mint cordial! Let's enjoy the beauty of Spring as displayed to us by nature in its magnificence.

Borage flowers are dramatic - and edible!  (April 2014)
Muscari comosum Miller struts its stuff like a Moulin Rouge dancer! (April 2010)
This wild flower is called Tickle! (April 2014)
Orchis papilionacea, next to Heather (April 2014)
Cyclamen, on the edge of green oak woodland (April 2014)
Periwinkle, star in its own right! (April 2014)
White Cistus, a photographer's delight! (April 2010)
Do we need introductions? (April 2014)
Genista corsicana, fierce and spiked! (April 2011)
Euphorbia duo (April 2014)
Mr Tickle! (April 2014)
Urospermum dalechampii, another photographic delight! (April 2010)
Cistus, the WOW factor!

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