1 Feb 2015

American Sour Cream

Plan does not go according to plan. Expectation strays out of expectation. The conscious decision of departure from our familiar surroundings and surrender our whole to the unknown via means beyond our control, will not promise the expected arrival as per our expectations. A scheduled flight does not guarantee scheduled itinerary. To journey is to take a chance. A trip to the known is a foray into the unknown. Sometimes what you seek does not find you. Instead it puts you on hold, unfolds a catalogue of errs, even errors to fustigate your entity.

You leave in one frame of mind, come back in another. You leave as someone you know, return as someone else. Life happens in weird, muffled, mysterious and unwitnessed ways. It empowers your resilience while robbing you of a little lightness of being. If life is code, a larger-than-life textbook in symbology that closes as you give up the ghost, if life is an insatiable series of lessons to whoever cultivates their sense of curiosity and pushes beyond the comfort zone, if we are supposed to get the problems that are in line with our capacity in resolving them, then I can find solace in the fact that from where I stand, I get the best sunrises and sunsets there are to watch.

Space Shuttle Rodgers, via Kim Stringfellow's Mojave Project

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