23 Jul 2014

Rock Your Rocks Off!

These cocktail rings and brooches are not only works of art that stand out for their druzy uniqueness, they have a tale of nature unleashed to tell, with verve and attitude. They encapsulate changing seas, starry skies, moody landscapes and rugged hilltops, and one may be forgiven for losing themselves into their wondrous depths and enchanting highs. By adorning the discerning lady's outfit, those glittery jewellery items will add a touch of panache and sparkle to Summer!

Cluster Amethyst Ring, via Thrifted & Modern
Ethereal Paper Sculpture by Paper Artist Peter Gentenaar
'Birth of The Tree' Brooch by Nikolai Balabin
Lily Moth, Polytela gloriosae, by YogeshSave, via Project Noah
Lime Size Round Faceted Eco Resin Cocktail Ring, by RosellaResin, via Etsy
'New Work Fresh Cosmetics' by Christopher Baker Photography
Exposed Druzy Ring, via Anthropologie (sold out)
'Uniquely Chrysocolla Ring' by Ananda Khalsa, via Sundance Catalog


  1. I love the Chrysacolla. Blue like the seas surrounding Corsica, no doubt. I wonder what ring size it is?

    1. Good question! I shall find out and get back to you on this one... ;-)