11 Jun 2014

Guest Post - What is Coaching? - by Dina Robison

[Dear friends, a week ago I shared with you My Beautiful Coaching Experience as a client of Law of Attraction coach Dina Robison. Today I have pleasure in welcoming Dina who explains herewith what coaching entails from her perspective as a coach.]

When I sit down to in an attempt to describe what coaching is I find that I’m stuck, as it’s a process or a journey that’s very hard to put into words. And there are a zillion different types of coaches out there with different techniques. To learn about it from one of my client’s perspective, please read about her inspiring journey here.

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A client comes to me – or any coach or program - with a desire for some kind of change or forward momentum in her life. Since I’m a soul mate attraction coach this usually has to do with love but that doesn’t mean sessions revolve entirely around that topic; after all one is more likely to attract the right partner for her when she’s on her soul’s path.

The unique difference between coaching and other methods like counseling and therapy is that it’s intended to empower the client to connect with, listen to, and act on her own inner calling – a dynamic that gives her the power to create or change her life.

As a coach I’m there to honor and hold the client’s highest vision and ideals. I listen and intuitively guide her to discover her own insight and answers. If she were to get off track I gently bring her back to what she wants but I’m never there to tell her what to do. She decides what she will commit to doing as a result of the session and I’m merely there to follow up.

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How does a coaching session work?

I follow a structure that allows my client to check in with how she’s feeling at the beginning and at the end, acknowledge everything that is going well in her life, and then state her intention for that session. From there I might guide her through processes designed to get her energetic vibration up and imagination flowing (getting out of the logical mind) in regards to her intention. Since I’m a law of attraction coach, much of my work is with that and other universal laws in mind. Sometimes a process might be a guided meditation, asking powerful and open-ended questions of her, or just simply listening if need be.

If I observe she’s getting off track or away from her intention I gently bring her back. If she asks my opinion I will give it without attachment. If she’s going forward on a path that I truly feel is not in her best interests I will speak up and say something. Or if I just want to share what I’m thinking, I will ask her permission to share it.

By the end of a session the client has usually discovered a lot and perhaps even changed a pattern in regards to the day’s topic. We discuss what the big insights from the session were what she will commit to doing in the coming week so I can follow up with her next time.

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You don’t need a coach. You can certainly coach yourself in many ways: doing processes and exercises on your own, reading books about coaching, journaling, meditating, getting an accountability buddy to help you stay on track and committed to your goals.

However, having a coach is a great benefit in that she is not too close to you on a personal level and can provide an objective perspective and give you fresh motivation. Friends may have your best interests in mind but their opinions can be clouded by their personal feelings and beliefs and that sometimes may not what you need. Your coach helps you unearth what you need. 

I’ve witnessed my clients grow leaps and bounds in many different ways. Some have attracted partners into their life after coaching with me, one woman deepened her relationship with her partner (and herself!), one woman found her courage to look for a more satisfying job and got one, all have transcended limiting beliefs and thought patterns that were keeping them stuck, and for all of them coaching has helped them move in the direction of their soul’s calling again. 

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