16 Jun 2014

A Belated Tribute to Maya Angelou

We were too busy with our lives to even notice. Maybe, oh maybe, we had even taken you for granted, as a component of the collective psyche. And there, you quietly passed away. Your poetry tip-toed out of mortality into immortality. Please rest assured though that your legacy will live on and here's why.

Your poetry, an accidental art form that conveyed your truth to a 'T', wisdom borne ouf of the school of life, that makes it relevant, relatable, palpable to all walks of life. In every picture of you I've seen, you wear that beautiful broad smile of gratitude for the many lives you'd packed into the one life, and whose experiences had amounted to building into the 3D richness and depth of your character and personality. 

Maya Angelou Quote Art Print, by BelievePapergoods, via Etsy

I too had many lives and in my meltdowns I found my fortitude. You turned fortitude into an art form. The world is made richer by those unique individuals like yourself who worded their life experience into those metaphorical sailing guidebooks on how to navigate the pitfalls, the stormy waters, the impending shipwrecks, the mermaid laments to the rocky solitudes of life, and to keep focused on the ocean's horizon line, on the International Date Line Change that indicates a happier tomorrow to our hapless today. You are one of the select few who succeeded in making this happen, Maya.

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Dr. Maya Angelou, 'Global Renaissance Woman' (1928-2014)

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