7 Sep 2013

Total Recall - Product Reviews

Wahoo almost there! And thanks for sticking with me, guys! For Total Recall Day 7, we'll have a blast with our product reviews. Now I am acutely aware that if I had chosen to religiously go down the (retail) product review road with this blog, day in day out, I would have made a killing in terms of online visibility, and I would have thousands of followers in the process! My blog's Google stats are pretty eloquent!

Sometimes in my thirst for fame I am tempted to go down that route well travelled and 'give them what they want', but I have way too many interesting personal things I wanna share with you for me to sell out to the well-oiled formula of blog success. I mean it's like having to choose between Walmart and the local deli, or between E.L. James (a.k.a. the author of Fifty Shades of Grey) and P.D. James (established crime novelist), or - come to think of it - between P.D. James and Agatha Christie. I choose to remain unwealthy - yet healthy - as the purveyor of intelligent food for thought for a lifestyle with attitude, rather than some supersize lifestyle fodder!

Tali and Ophira Edut a.k.a. The AstroTwins (pict source)
  • Fancy a Brazilian? (31/03/2013) >> I actually had a lot of fun (and pain!) writing this review! A light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek approach to the latest craze in town! Not for wallflowers or shrinking violets though!
  • March 2012 - FRF - The Vintage Tea Party Book (26/03/2012) >> I got a great Twitter accolade from Angel Adoree, the lady who wrote this delicious book that I purchased from Selfridges London. This made my review even more so special!
  • February 2012 - FRF - The AstroTwins (18/02/2012) >> This is a tribute to some of my favourite astrologers, twins Tali and Ophira Edut. Exposure to the article went stratospheric after I tweeted the link to the twins! A case of success gone viral, and above all for me promoting a great website by two passionate sisters!
  • Beauty Review - SkinCeuticals Serum 10 (24/03/2011) >> My best-seller of all times (in terms of page views that is!), and I am rather proud of my photographic prowess too, challenged by a basic digital camera and natural Winter light.
  • Fashion Review - Doc Martens (24/01/2011) >> In my early twenties, I got acquainted with a pair of Doc Martens shoes and these really defined my style as an undefinable woman: Doc Martens (associated with punks and goths) worn with cords (Seattle grungey) + a fitted beige raincoat (Kinda East Coast à la Reese Witherspoon) + vintage style flower shirts + an ever changing hairstyle from PJ Harvey to Courtney Love + 1960s style make-up... I mean everyone had reasons to feel confused about me, myself included!
That's it for now, but don't forget we've still got one day to go and we will have covered 40 great baguette posts! As always thanks for your support, and please do not hesitate to spread the baguette love to your friends and family! See ya tomorrow!

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