5 Sep 2013

Total Recall - Media Comms

Looking at our most recurrent blogpost themes, media & communications may not be a hot topic as such but it actually doesn't fare too bad... So I thought I would dig in deep and dig out some oldies but goldies for us to revisit on our Total Recall Day 5:

Do we still need to say who she is? (pict source)
  • Your Personal Brand Image (23/04/2013) >> It is wrong to assume that only public figures have a brand image to protect. So do we! And this is even more acutely so in the here and now, with social media galore that encourage us to go above and beyond the call of duty and dish out indiscretions about ourselves and members of our circles...
  • Inspire Aspire - Ladies Who Launch (11/02/2013) >> We all know how the internet is a formidable invention and how it has helped us connect to people the other side of the world we wouldn't otherwise have heard of in real time. Astrologer Kelley Rosano, business entrepreneur Jody Jelas and business lifecoach Marie Forleo are three of these wonderful people I got to discover, and have followed ever since on YouTube.
  • No Labels (04/09/2012) >> Language has gone sloppy, over the top and suddenly "everything is great!" Or is it - literally - that great? Come on click on the link - you know you want to - if only to feast your eyes on that Camaro SS!
  • Google Me, Google You! (07/03/2011) >> What's in a name? Better to take it with humour, eh?!
  • Dear Car Crash TV (12/01/2011) >> Oh I can hear the snidey remarks and all that slack from the more discerning TV audiences, and *huh* OK it's only cheap fly-on-the-wall entertainment verging on reality TV, but come on, we all crave fluff and sugary nosh (at least) once in a while, be it cos it's time of the month for us laydees (we need to take it easy on the brain then, don't we?), or cos that's simply all we want to feed upon (as we do with a whole tub of ice-cream or entire pack of biscuits)! So pass me the sugar, honey, and let's get that no-brainer of a programme on!
Thanks for sticking around, guys, and don't forget we're on Total Recall until this Sunday! See you tomorrow for episode 6 of 8!

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