4 Sep 2013

Total Recall - Love & Be-Love(d)

Can you believe we're already halfway through our Total Recall week? Time flies when we're having fun! Today, Day 4, comes on as a flutter: heart-shaped, light-hearted, sincere, heartfelt, footloose and fancy-free, handed over on a silver platter, elusive, or even downright unrequited and unwanted...

Blue Kite Photo Blog, via Flickr
Love is simple yet some of us make it complicated. It is only four letters long and it can feel heavy like 'hurt' and 'pain' and 'lack' and 'hate', but it's potent like a magic potion. Don't get me wrong, I adore 'love', but all too often the noble cause it represents may be misunderstood, misused, abused, and/ or taken for granted. Yet without love there is no I, there is no us. The lack of true sincere love is the ultimate heart disease in our self-centred, sexually-liberated, pleasure-seeking "package culture" modern societies. And it's time to remedy this:
  • Inspire Aspire - Be True to Romance (15/08/2013) >> No game playing here, this is an ode to love as it should be: pared-down, pure, sincere, honest. Coming from a place of honesty and trust, being in tune with your true self, realise that with truth of feeling and an open heart, you may conquer love and be conquered by it!
  • It's Complicated (03/09/2012) >> A slight variation on the above, or how in the name of self-preservation against potential rejection or emotional trauma, we hide behind excuses and pretence. Danger is that when we start lying to ourselves, we lie to the other person too.
  • Sweet Valentine (09/02/2012) >> There is a sweet and lovely ode to romance over at our sister blog, Mirabelle Design Inspiration and we couldn't resist it!
  • Lessons in Love (01/02/2012) >> Grass is greener, right? When you are single, you wish you were coupled up, and once you are coupled up, you wish you were single all over again... Hmmm!
  • Tickle, No Work and All Play (26/09/2010) >> Not just humans deserve a bit of love and affection, by the way. If you are familiar with La Baguette, you'll be aware of the fact that I have a pet mascot, yay!, by the name of Tickle the Jack Russell Terrier, a lovable bundle of joy! I promise to post new photos of Tickle in the next couple of weeks!
That's it for now, peeps, but I sure will see you again tomorrow for our 5th installment of Total Recall. Stay tuned!

P.S: Click the link for more lovely wedding and engagement photos from Blue Kite Photo.

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