8 Sep 2013

Total Recall - LBM Features

Welcome to Total Recall Day 8! Just so you're aware if you are catching up with us, for the last week we have been rummaging through La Baguette's blog archive (270+ posts) at the pace of 5 posts a day organised around a theme previously covered. So far we have covered ethical food, free spiritedness, travel, love (yes!), media & comms, fashion & beauty, and product reviews. And we'll end our Total Recall today with features.

La Baguette digs typography! (pict source)

At La Baguette, we've run a few features since coming into existence four years ago. And here's our crème de la crème for your eyes only:
  • Inspire Aspire (Feb 2013 - ongoing) >> This feature is set to recur and expand, as I am exploring personal development topics in more depth, as part of a personal awareness that turned into a journey and then a lifestyle choice. I have big plans too, which I will unwrap to you guys in due time, so just stay tuned!
  • FRF - Five Random Faves (Jan - Mar 2012) >> Each month I raised awareness of 5 faves of mine, in terms of products/ services/ ideas/ campaigns, from a classic film like 'Lost in Translation' to Stella McCartney's Meat Free Monday, via The Elephant March, and more!
  • Month in Bloom (Feb - Sept 2011) >> Monthly feature with the local Corsican flora as the star of the show, in a what's in season kinda approach. The photos taken are a tiny sample of a vast plant image bank I have compiled over the last 3 years.
  • A Week-End Wonderweb (Nov 2010 - Mar 2011) >> Each week-end I dedicated a pictorial post to the best of web around a particular theme, anything from Typography to Winter Wonderland to Art Deco... It was a short and sweet yet highly visual article, and great fun for me to compile!
  • A Working Week of Spook (Late Oct 2010) >> If you want random, this is as random as it gets! A pre-Halloween taster packed-full with cinematographic references to some of the best horror movies ever made, matched by scary photo montages. I had fun like no other on Photoscape, experimenting on pictures I had taken, going low res and high saturation! Amateurish and low budget had never cut it so good!
And La Baguette is curious by nature! (pict via ProGood)

Going forward, new features will come into play in La Baguette, so make sure you don't miss out! In the meantime, that's it for our Total Recall feature. It's been an interesting journey of reminiscence, which I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

Thanks for your loyalty to this blog and please don't hesitate to drop me a line! Comments, ideas, advice, suggestions, partnerships etc. are soooo welcome!

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