3 Sep 2013

Total Recall - In a Travel State of Mind

On Day 3 of our Total Recall, I'm taking you down a physical journey that is akin to a personal journey, since I firmly believe that travel or living in another country for some time is an important component of personal development. And by travel, I rule out those expat lifestyles cut out from the reality of their host country, or those on luxury cruises who'll boast that - say - they know Singapore, purely because they were on an 8-hour stopover there. Travel is a state of mind, and you'll capture some of its essence in our following posts:

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park, photo by twoGiraffe, via Flickr
  • Plan A (21/11/2012) >> OK, so I didn't stick to those 2013 travel plans that I had made at the back end of 2012, but maybe I wasn't quite emotionally ready for the big leap yet... In the meantime there is no harm in dreaming, and yes somehow the frustrated armchair traveller in me does realise that my personal fulfillment includes travel. I have no intention of spending the rest of my life in the place where I am currently living and, after a 16-year stint abroad, the appeal of foreign lands beckons more than ever!
  • An Acute Case of the Wanderlust (12/09/2012) >> From a young age I ambitioned to quit my small town life and hit the road less travelled to places as diverse as Guatemala, Brazil, Kenya and Bhutan. When the girls in my class were dreaming of a shopping city break in the preppy French seaside resort of Deauville, my lofty ambition was that one day I would get the opportunity to land upon the infinite sand stretches of Baja California, Mexico, and embrace its coastal biodiversity.
  • The (Late) Lowdown on London (05/09/2012) >> Welcome to my light-hearted travel guide to Central London in a few pointers and snapshots!
  • The American Soundtrack to My Life (28/08/2012) >> This post captures the essence of travel and free-spiritedness, via an American traveller I befriended in Corsica: venturing to places off the tourist radar, volunteering in environmental projects, staying in cheap hostels, living like the locals and befriending them, speaking their lingo - and leaving that travel guide on the bookshop shelf!
  • Ill-Fated Journeys (08/01/2012) >> Not all journeys in life are geographical, some are metaphorical, and as with geographical travel, they're not always mapped out as should be...
I am positive you will enjoy this little travel selection of mine, and don't forget to join me tomorrow for our Total Recall Day 4!

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