2 Sep 2013

Total Recall - Free & Spirited

All week we'll be picking one theme a day with five of our best blogposts to date related to that theme. For Day 2, here's a theme that is close to my heart, so much so that I have reasons to believe the pieces I wrote on free-spiritedness are the best I have ever written for La Baguette! Powerful stuff indeed that I can't wait to revisit with you:
  • Inspire Aspire - Vitamins for the Soul (17/04/2013) >> An interesting thought process with a little help from the universe in connecting with like-minded individuals (and we're talking mentor calibre here!)
  • Inspire Aspire - Live Life to the Full (22/03/2013) >> Sadly sometimes it takes the death of a young peer to get a cruel reality check on how precious life really is indeed.
  • Smells Like Free Spirit (26/10/2012) >> An epic of an article divided into no less than four sections, an ode to free-spiritedness through my hands-on personal account and experience.
  • The Laws of Attraction (03/10/2012) >> Free-spiritedness is a state of mind and in an attraction-based universe you will understand how crucial the laws of attraction are, as we attract what we give out!
  • Bohemian Like You (29/12/2011) >> Light-hearted and fun like S'mores over a camp fire! Who said free-spiritedness had to be heavy as stodge?
Enjoy the reads and see you back tomorrow for more delight!

Photo by Billy Dodson, via Africa Geographic

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