6 Sep 2013

Total Recall - Fashionesque

Welcome to Total Recall Day 6! Fashion (and beauty!) might not prompt to mind when you visit La Baguette, but really I do love fashion - maybe selectively. Take what's gonna last the distance (longer than one season!) in terms of quality, longevity and style. My fashion is a reflection of my lifestyle. I no longer work in offices, in fact I am based in the middle of nowhere and a mile away from the beach, so beach-friendly outfits are a must for me.

Also these days I wear more trousers/ pants than skirts/ dresses, but I make sure to go for timeless modern - and feminine - daywear pieces such as those featured on my Pinterest style board. I promise more fashion and beauty articles in here going forward, but for now let's see what selective is all about:

Stripe Tunic by J.Crew
  • Bare Face Summer Fresh (22/08/2013) >> The post was only written 'like' yesterday, but it features the sort of made-up beauty I am on about: the 'no make-up' make-up look that enhances your features in all the right places, perfect for day - and after hours! For the evening, just be bolder with the eyeliner and mascara and you're done.
  • FRF - Daisy by Marc Jacobs (11/01/2012) >> If you could bottle me into a fragrance, this is what I would be: floral, light-hearted, spirited, edgy, fun, youthful - and forever young! Ok enough patting on the back, Nat, haha! And... (I'm not finished yet!) Packaged into a delightful one-of-a-kind easily recognisable bottle. Wow, how unique is that!
  • Hot Summer Cool (05/07/2011) >> Despite being two years old, the fashion shoots look like they were taken this season! Smart casual pieces by Pain de Sucre, Little Marcel and Brax that are still relevant in 2013, genius!
  • Crème Fraîche de Nuxe (21/10/2010) >> Tomorrow on Total Recall Day 7 I will have the opportunity to revisit Product Reviews, but for now I couldn't help adding this fantastic face cream by Nuxe. It also happens to be a very popular post (one of my highest page views!), so I trust it deserves pride of place in here, don't ya?
  • A Taste for Design (21/11/2009) >> I have a thing for fancy jewellers Agatha, and their quirky pieces that beautifully accessorise an outfit without breaking the bank!
That's it for today, lovelies! Thanks for your visit and don't forget to be back here tomorrow for more Total Recall fun!

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