1 Sep 2013

Total Recall - Doing Good for Food

Starting today and until next Sunday, we're gonna have a little fun in here, and I've called this Total Recall! As La Baguette has clocked well over 270 blogposts since coming to life exactly four years ago back in Manchester, I thought it would be a cool idea to revisit 40 articles (at the pace of 5 a day, easy-peasy!), organised per theme.

We'll start off our trip down memory lane right now with 'Doing Good for Food': food ethics, organic produce, sustainability, farm animal welfare:
  • Honey, Please Bee Lovely! (25/03/2013) >> Of the importance of the bee and pollinisation, and how one UK company is doing its bit to raise awareness and help contain the decline of the bee population.
  • Sunny Side Up with Origami Hen! (30/06/2012) >> Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) commissioned a short animation film to raise awareness on the horrors of those cheap supermarket chicken eggs, and how 'cost-conscious' consumers really get what they pay for in one simple equation, i.e. cheap eggs = chickens treated cheaply.
  • Little House on the Prairie (27/06/2011) >> My first-hand personal foray into organic fruit and veg, via a work contract which I landed at a Corsican garden society, where ancient cultivated varieties are stabilised, preserved, cultivated and propagated, namely the highly sought-after Oignon Doux du Cap (the mild Sisco onion) and the Aubergine Ronde du Cap (a Firenze-originated round aubergine/ eggplant).
  • On and Off the Magic Milky Way (20/04/2011) >> Lost in the milky froth of our trendy cappuccinos and fluffy Italian ice-creams, it is easy for us to forget how the cow is the most overworked farm animal, pushed to yield even more milk while often being prevented from the joys of motherhood, and ending up as steaks on our plates. Maybe it is time to pay the animal more respect than we do...
  • My Organic Garden (19/10/2009) >> My modest contribution to the wordwide organic community, via my little suburban garden back in South Manchester.
I'm sure you'll enjoy the reads! And back in tomorrow for more, yay!

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