15 Sep 2013

Inspire Aspire - Keep Going No Matter What!

Are you (or do you know) a blogger from the dark side? A blogger from the dark side has already clocked some mileage with their blog - via a somewhat hopeful/ hopeless relationship that's spun longer than a couple of yards (ooops I meant 'years'!) and 200+ posts, and you check your visit stats and they're not good, and the tracker indicates that your friends don't even bother with your blog anyway (yeah you lot, you are busted and thanks for your vote of confidence!), and if we are to believe that shameful barometer of success like Google Friend Connect  or your Facebook page to be testament to popularity and yours cries out 'Wallflower' and 'No-one Gives a Fig About My Talent!', then maybe oh maybe you need...
  1. To rid of said tracking devices altogether
  2. To stop checking those stats (life is indeed easier when we live in a state of blissful oblivion!)
  3. A reality check that is apt and to the point, in the form of an Albert Einstein quote... (Who else to instill a waff of intelligence, credibility and common sense into us, therefore with no risk of sounding airy-fairy!)
via Indulgy

Because frankly my dear, as much as you should never lower yourself and your self-esteem as to allow yourself to be jealous of any woman whoever she might be, you should never give up because success hasn't yet showed up on your doorstep. Patience, perseverance, resilience, self-belief and self-esteem will pay off eventually. Just that the audience who are interested in you haven't yet found out about you and discovered your talents! It's as simple as that. Because in this world, in business as in love, there is someone for everyone. Just that getting matched up may sometimes take some timely adjustment.

In our popularity-obsessed culture, it would be tempting to associate popularity with quality. Please don't! I know (and sure you must do too!) of a multitude of popular blogs that are actually mediocre in content and style! So whatever you do, don't give up! Because to give up would be to give that mediocrity out there even more power.

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