24 Aug 2013

Share the Love!

Hi guys, this one is only a quickie, a testimony to shameless self-promotion... This needs to be done once in a while, and I promise it won't be painful! So here we go, Hugo!

If you love this blog - like I'm sure you do - how about showing the world that you do? Spread the good word, start off by telling your friends online and offline, tell them about that 'good crazy' lifestyle blog that can scrape the surface of skin deep without leaving a mark, and also dig deep into topics as diverse as design, travel, ecology, business, brand worth, or personal value systems.

Chic Sprinkles

If you're a blogger and online socialite, I would be chuffed - and your BFF (best friend forever!) - if you mentioned La Baguette Magique to your audience. And if you fancy guest-blogging in here, I would be delighted to hear from you! Likewise if you'd fancy having me around as a guest blogger, give me a shout and I will give your audience my best epistolary shot!

You can also subscribe to this blog via Google Friend Connect (down the sidebar within the Fan Club & Stats section) to make sure you always get the latest release, or you may access it via BlogLovin. Even easier, get it via my RSS Feed. A dedicated Facebook page is on the cards by the way!

British Telegram Letter Set, via Present & Correct

You can get even more out of La Baguette Magique, by following it on Twitter where I mostly publicise the animal cause via different animal welfare societies that I support, and I invite my followers to give abused animals a voice via petitions across the world, from endangered bats in Borneo to badgers in England, via industrial farming mispractices here, there and everywhere! My Twitter feed is also packed-full with interesting lifestyle tips.

Finally, you may or may not be aware that La Baguette Magique has a sister site, Mirabelle Design Inspiration! The accent is placed mostly on high-resolution visual content based around design, illustration, photography, architecture and travel. Go check it out! Mirabelle boasts an amazing Pinterest account, with over 1,230 followers so far! Let your mind wander in our Bohemian Wonderlands, lose yourself in Mid-Century Palm Springs, or hit The Road Less Travelled - I promise you'll have a ball - even a blast!

Thanks guys and let's ensure La Baguette Magique becomes less of the blog world's best kept secret moving forward, so we can engage into a thriving community! Take care, luvvies!

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