19 Aug 2013

Inspire Aspire - Let There Be Light!

The cloud with a silver lining is an ode to hope. Celebrated French writer and Literature Nobel Prize Winner Albert Camus said it beautifully: "In the midst of Winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible Summer"

We all have the metaphorical cross to bear in life, admittedly some crosses being heavier, bulkier than others, with some of us plodding on regardless, while others make a mountain out of a molehill.

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Sooner or later in our lives, we are faced with crossroad dilemmas and pivotal destiny moments. We face setbacks, traumas and delays. Some of us even hit rockbottom: reversal of fortunes, string of 'bad fortune' events, loss of loved ones, illness, war, accidents, detrimental lifestyle choices, etc. But even in our darkest hour, there will be a crack of light coming through - no matter how thin, how faint, how insignificant - for darkness cannot exist without light and light cannot exist without its opposite either. Yin and Yang symbiosis. So there you are, if you are looking for a shred of hope, an ounce of fortune, a reason why, a smile, you have it! Dark is never completely dark - and light is never completely light. In fact, the colour white is made up of all the colours and the same applies to black.

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My message to you, if you are feeling blue, is to acknowledge the pain but don't linger on it. This too shall pass! Yet never give up on hope, never lose faith, stay afloat and never lose sight of the shore. And remember that you need darkness in order to see the stars! Every cloud definitely has a silver lining.

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