30 Aug 2013

Inspire Aspire - A Blank Canvas

Sometimes this is all we need: some thinking space, a breather, a moment to ourselves. We need to recharge our batteries so we get our ideas in order. We need to slow down so we catch our breath, evaluate a situation, get on the right footing that will get us into gear so that we reach our cruise speed again - and keep to it.

We need to do a clear-out so we rediscover our physical space, challenge that final frontier and choose to fill it with meaningful belongings and objects of desire. We need to paint all the walls white before we get bold with colour again. We need to go pared down and minimalist, so we appreciate accessories. We need a good haircut so we grow our hair back, thick and vigorous.

Sometimes we need to declutter our lives from a clique of doppelgangers, toxic acquaintances, fairweather friends and possessive relatives that are depriving us from being us.

Tabula rasa is indeed a good thing.

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