25 Aug 2013

Feeling Ombré

If you and I have never met in person and you don't know me that well (apart from via this blog), here's two little known facts about me: I am a hairdresser/ hairstyling manufacturer's dream come true, and I reckon I've had every shade of colour from blonde to black since I have been experimenting with colour aged 18.

Controversial as Courtney (pict source)

I've also had every length of hair conceivable, from Pixie cut à la Michelle Williams to long and thick brunette ponytails à la Lara Croft (Angie Jolie), via crazy grungey hairdos à la Courtney Love and urban gothic Christina Scabia. I've had every style under the sun too: from the Rachel cut (Jennifer Aniston in 'Friends'), to the straightened out Japanese-stylee, via crazy curls, multi-layered lowlight beach bleached look, chavvy big rolls up, 1960s back-combed bouffants à la Brigitte Bardot or classic ballerina chignons. As a student I did a stint of hairstyle modelling. I reckon I had all the credentials to up it by moving to Paris and turn my pastime hair modelling into a career. But I chose to move to the UK instead to embark into art school and that was more kinda cool and edgy!

These days I'm much more sedate as far as hairstyle goes, although I started off 2012 with a radical haircut after years of mainstream comfort zone shoulder-length. I'm now growing my hair back and I've embraced the ombré colour technique, shifting my hairdresser loyalties through the process as I am still to reach colour contentment. The main issue it seems is to stabilise the colour against sunlight and sea salt. Haha yeah I'm talking beach culture like I mean it but ermm I do happen to live by the seaside, no kidding!

Ombré starts off dark at the crown of the head and gradually goes paler as you move to the tip of the hair. But as I said, my gradience (if such a word exists!) tends to fade uniformally quick and so does the radiance! I'm confident that eventually I'll manage to find the right hairdresser with the right dosage, and until then I'm afraid you'll need to content with other models' photos!

Rachel Bilson (photo by Jeff Vespa via Harper's Bazaar)
(Pict source)
(Pict source)

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