25 Aug 2013

Ecologically Bankrupt

Creative platform Behance features many a thought-provoking artwork and the Environmental Awareness conceptual work presented to us by AAF-Addy Award-Winner Kandace Selnick from Los Angeles, California is no exception. The brief was in relation to an awareness campaign for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and this is how impactful a few chosen words and key statistics can become once you plaster them onto poster:

This demonstrates to us that you can deliver your core message efficiently and without resorting to long-winded stuffy reports that no-one is gonna read, or fancy avant-garde graphics that are gonna dilute the message by taking the shine away from content, or deluxe photographic wizardry that is gonna make an artwork out of your campaign when really this is not about designer perfume.

Awareness campaign aside, I can't help but be appalled by the way our planet is going, with galoping demographics that are crippling already tight resources (water, energy fuels, natural habitat, biodiversity, etc.), a hedonistic cavalier approach to said resources (mining, fracking, exploring, overfishing, overhunting, deforestation, wildlife traficking, intense pollution, extensive urbanisation process, industrial farming, shortened technological product lifespans that create more waste, etc.), with little room left for conservation, preservation, education, recycling and other sensible approaches.

I generally try to stay upbeat but the state of the global environment as it currently stands is a great cause for concern. Often we tend to pull the wool over our eyes and pretend everything isn't that bad out there, that the powers that be surely are in charge of this, and we choose to ignore or click away from a disturbing online environmental article. We might click away, change channels, look on blankly, or turn over the page or even close that mag and throw it in the bin, but the fact of the matter is the environment needs to be and remain on everyone's mind as a top priority, as our responsibility as to the quality of the legacy we are going to pass on to our kids.

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