22 Aug 2013

Bare Face Summer Fresh

As we are already nearing the end of August, it feels like Summer is slipping away through my fingers like the sand of the beach I'm sat on but it's still time to celebrate the fun, the joy of this happy season! Happy it surely is when you are blessed to live in warm climes like I am, on an island (even better!) and a five-minute jog from the closest beach (bonus! Yet sorry to rub it in!). And I thought I would do a quick round-up of my beauty routine...

(Pict source: uncredited via Pinterest)

I guess you could call me a beach babe although I guess the babes in Malibu, Kuta or Bondi Beach adhere to the beachy lifestyle more than I do. I own neither a surf board nor a beach hut, and the days of me spending 12 hours non-stop on the beach/ in the sea are a thing of the past. Even so, I make sure I wear SPF30 all year round, including during those drizzly Winter months. I got round the idea of wearing serum (been doing it for 5 years now) for extra protection, and especially to keep those sun spots at bay but this is a different story!

As a general rule, I hardly ever sunbathe, as I don't fancy the idea of turning into a wrinkly old prune and I am not a fan of the sunbaked look. I am fortunate enough to catch the sun fairly easily anyway and enjoy a subtle sunny glow even if staying out of the sun, courtesy of those 25% of mediterranean genes that make up my DNA, yay!

I always wear good quality sunglasses whenever the sun is out, more for eye protection than out of vanity (erm OK I actually love sunglasses!), but I would recommend you do the same, as UV rays damage eyesight and repeated blinking/ frowning accelerate the ageing process around the eyes!

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I go easy on the 'maquillage' (make-up) mostly because this less-is-more approach fits in with my lifestyle as a beach babe and country girl. When I lived in the big smoke and worked in an office I was suited and booted and made up but this was in my previous life, right? The barely there approach means that I've downsized my make-up bag dramatically and I only keep a few capsule items: YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch magic highlighting concealer, nude lipglosses (from Urban Decay to Bobbi Brown, Clinique and Biguine). I am a fan of enhancement and enlightenment, which means Benefit High Beam luminescent complexion enhancer is my kinda make-up genius. All I do is dab it with my fingers just below the eyebrow arch, but also lightly down the T zone, the cheeks, or wherever my face needs a bit of an uplifting light effect.

I'm not saying I don't have more quirky pieces in my handbag. I happen to be a big fan of creamy iridescent green eyeshadow, which complements brown eyes beautifully, or sometimes go heavy-handed with the brown eyeliner if I fancy a 1960s doe eye look, or smudge it into a smokey eye effect if I'm in the mood for an edgier look. Yet generally I have come to love the no make-up make-up look, or even a make-up free face. As long as you take care what you put in your body, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, look after your skin, wear a flattering hairstyle and make sure your eyebrows stay in a good uplifted shape, there is nothing wrong with the make-up-free face. At least you are not afraid/ intimidated of showing who you are to the world, you are just being you and that is the most important thing. Be happy to be you! Happy Summer everyone!

Minka Kelly (pict source)

Find out more of what makes me tick in the beauty department, from my Pinterest board! Check out 10 Steps to Flawless Looking Skin by Pixiwoo, 'No Make-Up' Make-up Tutorial by Lisa Eldridge, and How to Find the Perfect Nude Lip Colour by Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist).

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