23 Mar 2013

Proud to Be a B-School Babe!

Guys and gals, I firmly believe that if you want something, you shouldn't just sit still and play the wallflower, fluttering your lashes at the wallpaper. If you want something, you should fly off that door and go get it! I know, such an action plan is not exactly what we expect to hear off a Geminian (my astro sign!), the dreamer, ponderer, idealist and artist of the mind who intellectualise their thoughts, while the go-getter energy of the zodiac is more akin to a sign like Aries. Yet I'll let you into a secret: according to my astrological chart by Jonathan Cainer, my Moon sign happens to be in Aries, thus this will explain somewhat as to where I get that streak of Mars energy from.

Marie Forleo (pict source)

So here we go... If you want it, go get it! And as it happens, I have been wanting to give my life a new direction. I have contemplated a plethora of options: volunteer in an orangutan sanctuary in Borneo, become a wwoofer in faraway places, involved in land conservation projects, or simply travel and fund my way on the go... I've also been exploring other avenues, more creatively-based and encouraged by a small circle of friends, I am nurturing a great idea (that I am keeping under wraps for now). To further facilitate this idea, I decided to join Marie Forleo's RHH B-School, and I want to shout loud and proud that I am one proud B-Schooler!

I am a fan of Marie's! She is an inspiration to me and embodies what a successful young woman should be: savvy, smart, presentable, pretty, professional, business-like, spiritual, passionate, compassionate and fun! I could add on more adjectives to the list! As soon as I saw her course presentation online and read the testimonials I was sold, I knew I wanted to join the class straight away and be part of a meaningful forward-thinking community headed by Marie. I knew I would be going places with the course, and it presented me with a golden opportunity to move onwards and upwards into the world, giving me the confidence to make my business idea profitable, run an office from my laptop and - most of all - be location-independent, i.e. not stuck in a brick-and-mortar office situation, but take flexibility in my stride and be able to run my business from anywhere in the world. This is priceless!

Via Good Life Project by Jonathan Fields

I have to come clean and admit that I find it difficult to religiously set time aside for the tutorial itself, but what I am really relishing is to be part of an international community of young, vibrant, dynamic entrepreneurs or would-bes! We exchange views, comments and advice in the forum, on our dedicated Facebook page and it is a beehive of creativity and movement that I find stimulating. It is helping me to find my feet while I reconnect with the world!

As a social butterfly I get easily distracted by the different topics of conversation going on, and then I go off a tangent, back in my bubble getting my business idea on paper, putting the course exercises into practice, and then off another tangent writing a few paragraphs on my blog, and then off to my 660+ Pinterest fanclub, and then out to the beach with Tickle (my cheeky Jack Russell Terrier), and then back checking my emails, and off again... It may somewhat appear disjointed but this is my own holistic approach. There's method in my madness, believe me, and eh let's not forget that's how us Geminian gems function: scattered about in organised chaos before regrouping and moving forward against all odds!

This is only the end of Week 2 at B-School but hand on heart I can say that this is my best 'tactical', 'pragmatic' move for 2013 so far! I feel like I am on my way to achieve something positive and make something constructive out of my life, nurture that business idea into a business plan into a career that I will embrace and love. This is gotta be one of the definitions for happiness, don't you think?

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