12 Feb 2013

Inspire Aspire - Ladies Who Launch

Right, let me just get this out of the way first: my two-year contract at the garden preservation society ended sooner due to the sudden lack of state subsidies (my post was subsidised and the society could not afford to keep me on the books as a fully-fledged salaried member of staff). As much as I had clocked all those extra hours for free I had to call it quits and move on.

And move on... Well, the circumstances have thrown a spanner in my works, despite the fact I knew all along I was on a short-term contract, yet still hoping to be able to turn it permanent. However the society's fragile financial situation didn't allow for this to happen as originally hoped by the Board. Now I might sound a tad pretentious but... redundancy has encouraged me once again in a bizarre twist of synchronicity to take a long hard look at my life and reconsider those secret entrepreneurial aspirations as an opportunity to jack in the day job comfort zone for the 'going solo' adventure.

Right now I am trying to identify which area I want to turn into a business. Thing is, I am passionate by so many things that I find it difficult to pinpoint one area and concentrate on it alone. I feel uncomfortably sat on the razor's edge, or some ejector seat even, with a big clock ticking above my head, reminding me that time is supposedly money. Nagging voices (in my head and around me!) are yacking at me to get real and get a proper job instead of working towards that hypothetical next stage in my life. With supportive friends and allies from afar, and those geographically close trying to discourage me, my support committee right now is thin. That's why I had to seek out all the help I could muster and here's what I've found: fabulous, smart, classy ladies who understand where people like me are coming from, with our doubts, fears and challenges.

Kelley Rosano (pict source: YouTube)

I refer to these ladies as 'The Ladies Who Launch', as they help you launch into self-discovery and business, through their lifecoaching advice and mentoring. And if like me, you're a bit short on support right now, just turn to them for that gentle nudge or kick up your backside to get started with that next stage in your life!

Kelley Rosano - Astrology might not be your thing and I respect that, but before you dismiss it with a shrug, bear in mind that Kelley is no ordinary astrologer! No fuddy-duddy witchy looks, psychedelic tie-dye drapes or New Age lingo here! Kelly infuses her monthly astrological outlooks with passion, drive and positive thinking. The lady radiates like a sun and once you start following your monthly podcast, there is no turning back. She encourages you to take advantage of favourable planetary alignments to go do your thing. Kelly is a spiritual coach and motivational speaker and I guarantee you that you will feel uplifted by the end of each podcast, whether you believe in astrology or not!  [Website - iTunes Podcasts - YouTube Channel]

Jody Jelas (pict source: YouTube)

Jody Jelas - You know how Facebook suggests you follow certain personalities, businesses or groups, based on your current preferences, well I have to thank them for putting me in touch with Jody, an online strategist. In no time I had signed up for her newsletter and each week I get a motivational video in my inbox. Jody is dynamic, nails it on the head with her trademark 'Boom! formula', tricks of the trade to become a video pro, hints and tips about getting your message across, defeating self-doubt and believing in yourself. The lady has been there done that and she says it as it is! [Website - YouTube Channel]

Marie Forleo - Call me an astrology freak, but yeah not only am I a Kelley Rosano devotee, I also happen to be a fan of The Astro Twins, two upwardly mobile sisters from NYC who deliver their astrological readings with upbeat street verve. By a happy coincidence, The Astro Twins mentioned in their newsletter a chat with Marie Forleo on MarieTV back in early December 2012, and that's how I came across Marie, a dynamic business lifecoach who talks about personal and business issues that affect the modern woman. Recently The Astro Twins mentioned Marie again, this time linking their newsletter to an advice-packed affiliate podcast preview about her forthcoming B-School classes on how to break it as an online entrepreneur. Marie's style is as far from stuffy and Ivy League as can be. Here learning is delivered in a fun and light-hearted yet structured, clear and meaningful manner and it works! B-School starts in March 2013 and please count me in! There's also a great online community back-up to bounce off ideas from. [Website]

Marie Forleo (pict source)

These 'Ladies who Launch' are a great start to 2013, to infuse those wobbly New Year's Resolutions with inspiration and aspiration. And by the same token, I have decided to devote more posts to my 'Inspire Aspire' series, as a challenge not only to myself but also to you guys, to help you keep those motivational levels up and feel good in your life! Stay tuned for more!

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