28 Sep 2012

Playa de Soledad

Summer wraps up for Autumn
Days are snapping shut
Into those starless nights
And I miss you.

'Path to the Beach - Dolphin Sands, Australia', photo by Jess Gibbs, via Artflakes

Life has taken a turn
A forced leisurely stroll
In my heart there's a hurt
And I speed down the coastline
Speeding thoughts through my mind
Skid round the bend
Screech to an end.

I have no sight, no sound
No smell, no touch
Other than words
To communicate to you
The written word, my frustration
My hapless devotion
A needy string of letters
Sitting pretty on a page
Like a pearl necklace
Stretched to snap
And there it snaps...

'Wildflowers on Sand Dunes, Tarkine Coast', by Lonely Planet Images, via Artflakes

I am the bearer of good news
Weaver of illusions
Good fortune stand-up
Ballet dancer of hopes
Actress of your dreams
We are free spirits
In cages that we built
And I drink up to
Your every written word
Like a love potion.

In my deepest darkest hour
I kiss the air I breathe
And your skin I crave
The mirror I graze
I look in your eye
My mind's eye
Your gaze is my daze
And my days are fazed.

Long stretches of desolate beaches
As far as the heart can see
Solitude battered down by the winds
You're my Summer gone
Too soon to the Tropics
And the sunshine of your smile
I miss.

I want to be the Summer keepsake
To your whimsical thought
Your sunny disposition
Here in my heart
You may linger
Till we meet again.

Uncredited source, via Pinterest

And I want you
And I can't have you
My heart is at home
Only when it's with you
There's a will, there's a way
Here's a word, and here's two
So what else can I do
But compose a verse to you?

If you ever shed a tear
While you are reading this
Make sure it's joy
Because in this broken bliss
We are blessed
By togetherness
In our combined loneliness
Bound for better
And the betterest.

© Nathalie A. Hachet (27/09/2012). 

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