11 Mar 2012

March 2012 - Five Random Faves (Part 3)

Fave #3: Get the London look without Kate Moss fluttering her Rimmel lashes at you, oh no!

From London with Love, how else?

As we speak, La Baguette should be starting to think about packing up those bags as we are due in the Big Smog for 14th March for a 9-day stay with a friend of mine, Isabelle.

Last time I'd had a proper London break was almost exactly one decade ago (2002! Blimey, time flies!). I'd managed to pack in some cultural visits (Tate Modern, the definite highlight to my trip, and bits of the National Gallery) interspersed with long walks around the Covent Garden area enjoying the balmy afternoons between cappuccinos and sweet treats, and taking the pulse of a capital city that has kept its fashion and cultural edge in check.

From London with Love

I'd also made what became some of my wisest shopping purchases: a cool top from Esprit, heavenly E'spa Spafresh, courier bag from Gap and pink sunglasses from Nine West that were to become my all-time favourites and have lasted me to this day for only a couple of tenners! Winner!

It goes without saying that London is more than a museum and shopping destination: it is also a very atmospheric city, that marries tradition and avant-garde, whether in architecture, design, style or everyday life. It is a place of great fascination, a trend-setter and ever young, like Dorian Gray without the side effects! Can't wait to go back! (to be continued)

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