11 Feb 2012

Snowed Under! (Part 1)

The cold wave that has been sweeping through Europe over the last couple of weeks has been well documented across the media. Images like that of the Vatican under snow will be remembered for some time, and so will the chaos that this unforgiving Winter has brought to our lives in different degrees of harshness. Let's bear a thought to those less fortunate, who sleep rough on the streets or manage just about to keep home temperatures bearable despite being affected by the recession.

'Adamo ed Eva Pupazzi di Neve ai Fori Imperiali' by Libero Guerra, via Flickr

When you might think Corsica is safe, think again my friends, for we've been having our share of the bad weather too, and working outdoors for a garden preservation society I have been able to appreciate the cold first hand!

As I am typing up this post from the comfort of my parents' home on my spare day, it is snowing out there. Bearing in mind that I live a mile away from the coast, the weather is bound to be even harsher inlands, especially in the alpine region of central Corsica. Roads are routinely blocked most winters with snow drifts and I don't dare to imagine what they must look like right now.

However intrepid snow veterans like some of my mates will have used this as a challenge to brave over 20 miles of treacherous icy tracks to reach the disused ski resort of Haut Asco to snowboard down the piste freestyle. Others like I would rather play it safe and stay indoors. The only ice I like is the one in my glass, with a shot of Havana Club and a dash of orange, thank you very much!

Now if Winter is your cuppa and it makes you jingle and jiggle all the way, be my guest and feel free to browse our selection of topical Baguette posts to keep you warm and fuzzy on the inside and deliciously frappé on the outside: 'A Week-End Wonderweb', 'What a Load of Waffle', 'Winter Comforts', 'T is for Tea' and 'Hot Shots'. (to be continued)

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