14 Feb 2012

Hey Gorgeous!

If the object of your affection hasn't yet plucked up the courage to utter them magic words to you, then I'll double make the point of saying them: I Love You guys and thanks for your support and following! Happy Valentine's, you gorgeous things!

Sources: (1) Zing it with a 'Classic Lemon Zest' bouquet by award-winning Cheshire-based florist The Black Rose! (2) Be a hoot like the 'Adorned Owl' illustration by my friend and French artist Isabelle Duvignon! (3) Bring it to the crunch with a medium tin of love chocolates by British confectioner extraordinaire Biscuiteers! (4) Oomph it with 'Chocolate Wafer' from San Fran-based Miette Bakery!

Want more? More V Day frolics over at our sister site Mirabelle Design Inspiration!

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