18 Feb 2012

February 2012 - Five Random Faves (Part 3)

Fave #3: Shoot to the stars with The AstroTwins!

The AstroTwins, photography by Tracy Toler

La Baguette's had an on/off interest in astrology since her late teens. At times, and depending on my life path, what should have remained a casual hobby or penchant would verge on the obsession. I clearly remember the pivotal 2001-02 years, when I'd spend hours on Astrocenter trying to find ready-made answers and guidance when held back by personal setbacks.

I'd even bought one of those cheap paperback daily predictions that I'd read and re-read and interpret in a way that would fit my personal circumstances while trying to persuade myself in the process of all the good stuff that was supposedly in store for me... I'd even got myself a self-help book on I Ching, and would push divination further by pulling an Indian tarot card from some obscure website on a daily basis.

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In contrast I went through long spells when horoscopes and astrology would totally disinterest me. Sometimes curiosity (and boredom!) would get the better off me, especially on late nights, and I would look out for the stars off the net. Nowadays though my astrological hunger is kept down to a handful of trusted sites from years back, like Jonathan Cainer (although his cryptic tone can unnerve you), Susan Miller's AstrologyZone and Michele Knight. To these I will add one of my major online discoveries this year so far. Enters The AstroTwins.

American professional astrologers and sisters Tali and Ophira Edut speak a language that I understand. Plus they look friendly and reassuringly next-doorsey (see top picture)! They talk like sisters to sisters, in an informal youthful jargon-free kinda way. They have dusted off a science often associated with the Merlins and Nostradamuses of this world, and sexed it up. Thanks to those girls, astrology doesn't look like the science for the desperado, but almost like a way of life, intelligent, meaningful, insightful and honest.

I'm sold! I've signed up to their weekly horoscope and as a bonus I got their free compatibility guide: "How to get along with anyone (yes, even that person)". Accurate and fascinating. Now I understand about that karmic link to the 5th degree of separation between my sign (Gemini) and that of Capricorn. Past life experience? Sign up too and find out... (to be continued)

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