16 Feb 2012

February 2012 - Five Random Faves (Part 2)

Fave #2: Get organised with an Exacompta diary!

The Cassandra pocket diary by Exacompta
Now folks, those who know me at home may be right to question my sense of organisation and tidiness, although this organised chaos of mine does indeed summon some amount of logic and order, believe it or not. However at work I like to keep my desk clutter under control and my computer files as streamlined as can be.

As for my handbag, you won't find any chaos in there! Explanation: many many years ago I read a magazine article about a supermodel who said she'd learnt to keep her handbag clutterfree, as in her early modelling years her agency used to get the girls to empty their handbags once a week, and she'd kept the habit ever since. I don't literally empty my bag every week but the mantra has certainly struck a chord and I keep its contents in check and travel light, although it doesn't only hold essentials but also little wonders, from a sample of Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' to a tin of cachou to my pocket-size Exacompta diary.

I'm quite picky in terms of diaries and despair when my mum or workmates hand over one of those free diaries. Chance is they'l be bulky, or the paper will be scratchy and poor quality or the layout just impractical. I like my diaries small, stylish, uncomplicated, minimalist and professional. Exacompta does the trick. One day when I'm rich and shamous I might even treat myself to Smythson. (to be continued)

More about stylish diaries: here.

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