27 Feb 2012

And the Big Hug Winner is... Uggie!

Unless you've been cast off an atoll in the middle of the ocean lately, you sure will have heard of The Artist, a black and white silent movie which has set Hollywood ablaze with 5 Oscars! The film is set in the 1920s with the unique selling point of having been filmed in 2011 (which is one of the main attractions of the film).

(Picture source: Huh)

The plot centres around matinée idol George Valentin's struggles to stay ahead of the acting game with the advent of talkies. This French film inspired by the early heyday of Hollywood motion picture celebrates celluloid as a parody that faithfully sticks to the mannerisms, fashion, studio décor and cinematographic challenges of the times.

Two artists (picture source)

Alongside main actors Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo is a canine companion with flair who has more than one trick up his sleeve as an artist of his own: welcome Uggie, a talented 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier sure to melt your heart!

Uggie 'The Artist' Dog Steals Oscar Spotlight (picture source: Terra, 27/02/12)

We love Uggie to bits here at La Baguette (although he's not the only JRT that we are smitten for!). We wish the four-legged silver screen star every success in the future and a happy retirement as we hear he's off counting the dollar bills on a Honolulu beach over a well-deserved Margarita. Well done Uggie for your composition role!

Meanwhile we'll follow your adventures on Twitter, blow you kisses on Facebook, and enjoy your recent appearance on the Ellen de Generes show. What a star!

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  1. I would have given Uggie all of the top awards. What a talent!