11 Sep 2011

August in Bloom

Welcome to La Baguette's latest feature: 'A Month in Bloom', which debuted in our February edition. At the end of each month, this blog will showcase a gallery of floral blossoms of the wild order encountered during that month on random walks around my current base in Northern Corsica.

High jinks in the maquis: Fennel (Anethum foeniculum L.)

Sorry to disappoint but August was nothing but déjà-vu on the botanical front. In Corsica, the peak of floral delight stretches from April to June; come Summer, any high expectations one might have on the subject are bound to end in disappointment.

In our part of the island, the second half of the month was unbearably hot and clammy. Grass was nothing but scorched and parched, and inevitably scrub fires erupted here and there, thankfully quite contained on the whole, despite causing material damage and high levels of stress to local residents. Thankfully no human casualties were reported. Flora and fauna weren't as lucky, especially Hermann turtles and wild boar.

Statement bulb: Allium

Next month, as Summer will be flirting with Autumn, we'll widen our search and come across berries and mushrooms. That'll be enough to spice up our floral quest.

In with Summer: Wild Carrot (Daucus carota)

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  1. I'm so jelous Corsica is such a beautiful place. Was hoping to visit early next year for a weeks cycling but don't think I'll be able to. Keep up the great blogging!