17 Feb 2011

La Baguette in Ten Bites (Part 2)

In our revisit of La Baguette's best bits in ten bites, we have more goodness in store!

6. Home Truths About What We Call a Home: With La Baguette being a lifestyle blog at large, it goes without saying that home is a key feature. On a personal note, home is even more crucially important, since I am presently living out of a suitcase, in my parents' home, while my little house back in Britain is being rented out.

Dec 2009: Packing up the office for the new French life!
With life as I knew it on hold and the rest of my life somehow in limbo, I am even more keen to sing the praises of having your own space, your own place, somewhere you can be yourself or reconnect with yourself. Right now I suppose that La Baguette has become a virtual home of sorts for my moods, rants, observations and experiences, a way-out. And meanwhile the saying 'you don't know what you've got until it's gone' has never rung so true to me!

7. Smooth Lemon Sorbet: Guys I think I was clear enough from the start that La Baguette was never going to be a culinary blog, despite the best intentions and despite the fact that three of our dessert recipes make it in our Top10 (source: Google Analytics). Incidentally our Lemon Sorbet makes it at #9 as our 3rd most popular dessert recipe, after Caramel Cream Coffee Cups (#7) and Very Strawberry Sorbet (#8)!

One of the many facets of La Baguette embraces food and the odd baking session (without developing any culinary obsessions!). The lemon sorbet produced an incredible tastebud experience, mainly thanks to the use of extra-fresh organic Corsican lemons bursting with aroma. It was the best sorbet I've ever had (coming from someone who is ordinarily no fan of lemon sorbet!). This just proved that high-quality ingredients do all the hard work for you.

8. A Working Week of Spook: In case you hadn't guessed at the time, I am known to be a bit of a horror/ psychological/ spooky film buff, and come Halloween 2010 I had gathered perfect photographic material almost right on my doorstep to purport the ghostly killer sets and moody ambiences to La Baguette's audience. Spook was officially the blog's first themed project, and an experience I was keen to repeat, as projects proved a good fit for the blog, no less to break away from monotony and predictability. I enjoyed Spook very much, and then straight after that moved on to the Week-End Wonderweb project. I have other exciting ideas in the pipeline which the artistic side of me is keen to explore!

9. A Week-End Wonderweb: Originally a project/ challenge I'd set to myself, the Wonderwebs also came to spice up La Baguette's format with a short and snappy weekly visual exploration of the riches of the web, to loosely illustrate a topical (or untopical) theme or mood in mind: anything from Winter Wonderland to Maps, via Typography and Humour.

Originally I'd set myself four week-ends worth of Wonderweb, then stretched it through Christmas and it has been on-going since. Although the idea may appear rather simple at first sight, it can sometimes prove challenging, especially as I am looking to create a certain colour coordination, photographic style or overall ambience.

10. Mirabelle Design Inspiration: It is quite difficult to limit myself to ten bites because you will have realised by now that La Baguette touches on so many different lifestyle aspects. So for this last one I chose to be practical and let my head decide over my heart (do forgive me Tickle!). Mirabelle Design Inspiration is a welcome post to Mirabelle, my visual inspiration labour-of-love blog, and very true to my inner aspirations and artistic inclinations! From a logistical perspective it was a key-decision as whether to launch a second blog, and be ready to allocate sufficient resources into it, without impacting negatively on the first blog nor on personal life commitments. So far I am delighted to say that I have struck the right balance!

I hope those ten scrumptious bites will have made you hungry for more. Take your pick, there are 150 posts to choose from (so far!) and surely one that will tempt you like the proverbial cherry on the cake! And meanwhile onto the next 150 posts!

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