16 Feb 2011

La Baguette in Ten Bites (Part 1)

To mark La Baguette's 150th post, why not reminisce our blog's achievements to date while revisit its best bits in ten scrumptious bites!

For the purpose of the exercise, our measurement reference data tool is Blogger's in-built Google Analytics interface (although in our free time we would also refer to Sitemeter for cross-reference purposes, Sitemeter boasting much more in-depth measurement capabilities). Let us bear in mind that the G.A. statistical records made available to us do not cover the whole longevity of this blog (i.e. from 01/09/2009) but 'only' span May 2010 to date.

1. The Reckoning: According to G.A. this post has garnered the highest number of hits since its origins back on 01/10/2009. Statistically The Reckoning is a clear all-time winner and interestingly the only 2009 post to make it in the Top10 popularity league. I wouldn't have predicted such success for that particular post, but its topics (ecology, food import dilemmas) dig into the essence of La Baguette and the 'Intelligent Food for Thought' fibre that it is ambitiously seeking to promote.

2. Fashion Review - Doc Martens: Our second most popular post in terms of hits, it is forecast to more than trebble that of The Reckoning by the time it reaches the latter's current lifespan. With Doc Martens I certainly generated a short intense buzz, with over 30 unique hits within 24 hours, mostly relayed via my Twitter feed. This really tells you one thing or two in terms of product placement and branding.

A blog is a personal affair. But if you make it too personal, generating a following and keeping your audience interested can prove a challenge, unless you are - say - Dooce. On the other hand, talk about a product, a brand, especially a youth-orientated, high-street and/ or fashion brand, and you get up there in terms of exposure. Don't need a marketeer to figure that one out! In terms of hits, this could have been tricky in itself, considering Doc Martens is a much more alternative footwear brand than Gina, Manolo Blahnik or even good old H&M. But with La Baguette's mission statement being about 'taking one step back in order to stay ahead', we are clear about what we are about...

3. City Fizz: A post off the Top10 radar should still deserve a mention of course, especially if it is dedicated to Manchester, U.K, no less because the author spent a big chunk of her life there, i.e. 16 years. A city influences you, shapes you somehow, it can even change you. Manchester did just that. It certainly was an experience of contrasts and contributed to the person I am now. I have grown as a woman in Manchester, got my first proper job in Manchester, bought my first high heels and fell in them in Manchester, had some of the best times of my life in Manchester, and purchased my first home in Manchester. In an upbeat tone, City Fizz captures a city in motion, a dizzily changing cityscape that pushes you forward with the changes.

Wedding Cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery
4. Sweet Nothings: One of my personal favourites is a quirky and light-hearted praise of all things cupcakes and will still return as one of the Google results 14 months after being written, if you search for 'cupcakes'. Funnily enough I can still picture the day I uploaded the post onto the blog. It was a Sunday, the weather had been reasonable all day (no rain for once!) and I'd just returned home from Bruntwood Park (Cheadle) with Tickle.

I was immensely proud of this post and was amazingly serene at the same time (despite the fact that I was preparing for my move from Britain). Meanwhile I was daydreaming about the big guns from London's Fleet Street turning up on my doorstep with an offer I couldn't refuse, after stumbling upon Sweet Nothings online... I have since recovered from such a naive expectation. (But if you are indeed a media representative reading this, do get in touch!).

5. My Californian Psycho-Babble: I wasn't sure about getting too personal on my blog, but circumstances at the time got the better off me. Writing this article was cathartic too as I was trying to make sense of my new life in France and come to terms with all my reservations towards it. Not a favourite on the Google hit scene, but worth reading by any expat wannabe. Those types of musings have since spawned further articles, like this one or that one... (to be continued)

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