28 Feb 2011

February in Bloom

Welcome to La Baguette's latest feature: 'A Month in Bloom'. At the end of each month, this blog will showcase a gallery of floral blossoms of the wild order encountered during that month on random walks around my current base in Northern Corsica.

An all-winter fixture: Periwinkle (Vinca minor)
Each monthly post dedicated to the floral cause will pay tribute to the island's rich botanic heritage, while we ambitiously endeavour to identify the pictured specimens. As always, you are warmly encouraged to contribute comments, suggestions, links and/ or your own photographic material.

As February is giving way to March, we note some interesting developments, with many reassuring clues indicating that Spring is near, despite the fact that the weather here has been reasonably damp and dull since October. In fact some days when the sky is low, the fog palpable, or the dense and compact clouds resemble nothing but a funeral shroud descending upon the valley, this part of the Cape could easily be mistaken for a Scottish outpost.

A tangible sign of Spring: Anemone stellata
Soon enough though Winter will be nothing but a bad memory, yet with the imminent arrival of Summer, the scorching hot days will make us long for the cooler times of year! If such is life, it might be best to just appreciate those cooler days when they're around rather than commiserate them later... There is indeed enjoyment to be had from the Winter months, as testified by our latest snapshots... Let's take a look:

Our mystery guest and a hedgerow favourite: Viburnum tinus
Easy to overlook: Euphorbia serrata
Mountains are clad with it: Heather

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