3 Feb 2011

Battle of the Fittest

In keeping with the coastal theme from our last article, here is a captivating picture from a post that I stumbled upon while visiting the Wordpress platform, approximately three weeks ago. The post, entitled 'First Dive of 2011' by Alberto, encapsulates a collection of amazing underwater photography which, in this particular instance, was shot in Anilao, Batangas, The Philippines.

I left a comment at the end of that very popular post (115 comments and counting!) that sums up why I am drawn to this particular photo: "The picture of the moray eel and the shrimp is very intriguing. In this representation of the battle of the fittest, you managed to capture that moment when everything just hangs in the balance, and we are left contemplating the shrimp’s possible lucky escape…"

The photographer was fortunate enough to find himself at the right place at the right time, quick-minded enough to snap the elusiveness of the instant, and - needless to say - talented enough to capture not just the impromptu subjects but the insight and the magic. Definitely a picture that ticks all the boxes!

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