7 Jan 2011

A Week-End Wonderweb 08-01 (The Vintage Lady)

The lady is no tramp, she is ambling pin-up art in the making, cultivates a Rock'n'Roll (Rockabilly in fact!) attitude while reinterpreting domesticity, a diminutive pie-baking Dita von Teese with technicolor skin graphics - some might see a tart with a heart from the retro comics, bad girl stylee with a vintage penchant, a film noir femme fatale, our Betty Boop/ Bettie Page character is no shrinking violet but can tell her tulle from her tulips, and punch both prejudices and conventional values in the face, with poise and utmost elegance.

Sources (top page down):
More vintage lifestyle... (with less tattoos):
Queens of Vintage; Welcome to Deluxeville; Yesterday Girl; Andi B. Goode; Fleur de Guerre's Diary of a Vintage Girl, and so many more!

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