18 Jan 2011

Mirabelle Design Inspiration

Hello everyone, we have reasons to be cheerful today as we are celebrating the official launch of our sister site Mirabelle and, as its proud editor I warmly invite you to join us in!

Mirabelle is an ode to inspiration, harnessing the power of photography as a vehicle to stimulate and celebrate it. Mirabelle is best described as a scrapbook of inspirational images, not necessarily following a logic or pattern of thought or anchored in the now and the brand-new. Mirabelle's goal is to pay tribute to what looks good - and better than good - the wow factor, the cherry on the cake, that quirky thought-provoking picture too, and the words that string everything together.

Inspiration will focus on our surrounding environment at large, and in particular on design, architecture, fashion, beauty, art, the man-made... and the natural world too! At times, when judged pertinent, Mirabelle will contribute its own pictures from its extensive image bank. Throughout Mirabelle will remain individualistic in its approach, not a portal to the latest design trends or to the Fashion Week diktat, but as a labour of visual love, whatever tickles its fancy... in any case we are not talking about just another design blog. If Mirabelle happens to fall head over heels (wheels!) for a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz rather than for its 2011 equivalent, so be it, that's what inspiration does to you!

Mirabelle loves the Kastehelmi plate by Iittala

By the way, talking of supercars, did you know that Mirabelle has been posting weekly since the start of the New Year, and is quietly working its 'magique' through the deep layer cake of the international lifestyle blogworld, with tempting images of... a supercar, plus a dream home, seductive florals and designer couches so far! Just hop across to Mirabelle to see for yourself what this new kid on the block has in store.

In its test run back in November 2010 (based on one introductory taster post and pared-down functionality and interactivity), Mirabelle had already garnered two followers, a very encouraging start considering the low-key promotion I had initiated: down to a high-visibility link button on La Baguette and a couple of advertising tweets on @baguettemagique.

Classic Swarovski bracelet by Hulquist, available via Notonthehighstreet

The hush-hush behind Mirabelle's launch wasn't necessarily the result of some marketing strategy (*). My primary objective is to develop Mirabelle as pretty much a stand-alone concept, a separate entity to La Baguette (with minimum cross-over between the two), as a visually impactful design inspiration blog that will hopefully in time later this year spawn an online lifestyle business.

Where La Baguette strikes a more personal chord,  with its trademark quirky pertinent opinions delivered through word-rich content, Mirabelle will allow carefully-selected pictures hearted by the editor to do the talking, with only a short text introduction rounded off by explanatory captions at the end, with an element of wit in the general tone of the blog.

If you believe that Mirabelle already looks promising, wait till I reveal some of the big plans I have in store! I ambition to take Mirabelle to the next level that it so rightly deserves by opening the blog to new horizons in order to reach new audiences via social media platforms such as Tumblr, MyDeco Room Planner, Polyvore moodboards and the Artessen community. Mirabelle is indeed going to be part of a thriving inspired community, and you are, dear readers, the first to be put in the picture! And what higher honour would it be for the editor than for La Baguette's friends to extend their loyalty to Mirabelle and join me in supporting this new venture that is incredibly exciting from both a very personal perspective and the blogging community at large.

I am confident that you will find in Mirabelle an instant universal appeal, with content that 'talks' to you, poetically or politically - whatever - Mirabelle is a celebration of online inspiration and to those who work in the shadows to materialise their own inspiration. To all, I promise a Happy Mirabellicious time!

(*) P.S: Dear friends, please be aware that the fruition of Mirabelle's further foray into social media will be dependent upon the editor's broadband internet connection speed (which in my situation has nothing to do with the internet provider). I have yet to overcome technical limitations imposed on this part of the island of Corsica where I live presently, with low electrical voltage that dramatically slows down (if not crashes) my internet connection, incapacitating most times the simplest CMS task into a time-consuming experience. This has sadly been the reality of my online experience since Autumn 2010, and although the local authorities and the electricity board are promising to rectify this low-voltage issue by upgrading the electric power lines, unless I move away, the situation will persist for the best part of the next 6 months, thus somewhat hampering my grand online ambitions for Mirabelle (and for La Baguette too!). Until I am able to secure a viable solution, we'll need to 'keep calm and carry on'.

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