23 Dec 2010

Seasonal Light-Heartedness

Christmas is nearing, the weather is drab, my dad is ill, the news on the telly is dire, so I thought we were in serious need for cheering up. Not sure about you guys, but I am in the mood for some topical fun!

While checking out the blogland 'competition' lately for my Week-End Wonderweb project, I have come across some blogs which are being ever so serious - complicated even - about Thanksgiving/ Christmas décor, decking the halls, transcending tree and tabletop ornaments, through to stockings, nativity scenes, exteriors and more, with coordinated colour schemes and themes making up complete room-sets, with the minutiae in the choice of ribbons, hyacinths, candles, elaborate wreaths, cards, name-tags, wall lettering, dedicated glassware and crockery! Hats off especially to our Scandinavian friends who are all go for the Christmas vibe (God Jul! And good luck with the preparations!).

At my parents, Christmas will be a very-low key affair this year, but we'll still make sure that those vintage baubles (some like those pictured below dating back to the early 1960s - I am told) hold pride of place, either up in the tabletop Christmas tree (fake tree dahling, but this is sooo on trend right now) or dangling off the dining-room chandelier.

I wanted to display a photographic selection of topical Xmas baubles 'with a twist', with a strong accent on organic material, therefore excluding acrylics, polymers, plexiglas and other man-made substances! Our baubles are priceless too and won't be found down Macy's or Liberty's or Le Printemps or anywhere else for that matter, oh no... Those I am going to show you here were snapped by yours truly down my Mediterranean neck of the woods. Intrigued?

Pay attention, you may well spot some down your neck of the woods too, guys! So how about snapping them, posting them on your blog and then pasting the URL in the comments section of this post, so we can all have a peek later...

So then, let's have a look at those distinctive baubles, pictured in-situ, hanging off the trees (let's just pretend they are Christmas trees!)...

Clue: Nothing beats nature's own...

Joyeux Noël & Merry Christmas to All!

P.S: Although La Baguette Magique will still operate throughout the festive season, our Week-End Wonderweb projects will break for the holiday, returning to you on Saturday 8th January 2011.


  1. What beautiful photos! You're right, nature does it best...and you captured it best. Very nice. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and hope your father is feeling much better very soon.

  2. Dear Christine, I am touched by your endearing words and I hope that you had a lovely Christmas! Your comments are always thoughtful and a joy to read.