28 Oct 2010

A Working Week of Spook (Day 4)

Can you feel the chill? Atmosphere sets the tone in spooky films, with good old-fashioned suspense, half-spoken or unspoken truths playing wonders on the human psyche, leading your Sixth Sense astray. Imagination is given free rein, courtesy of the film-maker's Craft, and concluding epilogues are rarely products of logic...

Boo! Ethereal and eerie: The Others (2001)
Actually in the horror and psychological thriller genres at large, Stigmata attached to any form of rational logic should be dispelled. There is a Duel of words and actions between good and evil, with deceptive appearances, misleading characters, unforeseen developments and twisted consequences.

So clear all that White Noise from your head because your working week of spook continues right now, with our somewhat oppressing and atmostpheric outdoor location photo montages...

The Blair Witch Project: Not as damp but certainly just as claustrophobic as yesterday's bayous, featuring untamed, unkempt forests, dense scratchy thorny woods, narrow paths that suddenly disappear out of sight, a sensation of déjà-vu and no sense of direction...Soon enough tempers flare in the party and High Tension rises as the seemingly Sleepy Hollow turns Alien.

Going round in circles already, yet we've only been a few hours into our mission, so who are you kidding, man? It's getting dark, so we'll set up bivouac, safe in the knowledge that there is no going back to that cosy city life! But you should see your face though: looks like you've just spotted Hannibal Lecter!

One more thought: is it my imagination or are you being followed? (to be continued)

All photography except The Others © La Baguette Magique 2010

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