27 Oct 2010

A Working Week of Spook (Day 3)

Don't you give in just yet, because as if this was not enough already, we have more in store until Friday... Now where were we up to? So you want countryside, the great outdoors, wilderness, right? We can't quite promise you the big wide open spaces but here's an offer you can't refuse.

Did we mention mutants? The Fly (1958)
Candyman: The wetland fringed with tangled cane featured here resembles the bayous of deep Louisiana or backwaters of Northern Kalifornia, and for all we know it might as well be...

Note that it can get foggy in here at night too, oh and don't put a foot wrong. You never know What Lies Beneath once you are knee-deep... A snake would be your lucky day, Candyman however a living nightmare! But remember before you embark on your adventure, these backwaters are a beacon for hostility: deep, dense, tense, hypnotic, claustrophobic and generally detrimental to your rationale.

The cane is so tight that you need to Saw your way through it. Never a good Omen though when you are not equipped. And you can Scream all you like, it is doubtful you will get heard! You might as well be stuck in The Hole for this one! You see, this really is a dog-eat-dog situation.

If the bayous aren't bad enough, take a deep breath. If these are supposed to be a piece of cake, then it's best you keep them for afters because you'll certainly need all the energy you can muster to get you over this working week ordeal. Get set! But how ready are you? (to be continued)

All photography except The Fly © La Baguette Magique 2010

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