26 Oct 2010

A Working Week of Spook (Day 2)

You have survived Day 1 and we are impressed. Needless to say that there's more from our bag of tricks. Trick or Treat - I beg your pardon? Stick to your bravery, you'll need it soon enough!

On the second day came a pure classic of the horror genre. Need we say more? We'll show you the sights first, then we'll explain. After you...

Psycho (1960): Approach the shower with caution!
House on Haunted Hill: Picture the scene. You are driving alone far from home, you are tired, it's almost dark and you decide to pull over at the next hotel. Or tough luck, your car breaks down on the way, down that isolated stretch of the country. It might not be good news on the weather front either with The Fog suddenly making an appearance, but as long as you keep to the road map and don't go for shortcuts or a Wrong Turn, you are bound to stay safe...

As one bad thing never happens on its own, your mobile phone has given up the ghost too and you - yes you - instead of staying put inside your car with your thinking cap on, decide that it will be safer to investigate that derelict place that you've spotted by the roadside, for the night. What on earth possessed you?

Your saving grace is that it looks inhabited, but what do you make of The Hitcher you drove past five minutes ago? And what if The Hills Have Eyes? This road trip was never meant to turn into a Roadkill. It's your call. (to be continued)

All photography except Psycho © La Baguette Magique 2010

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