6 Nov 2009

Pretty Lovely!

Hello and pleased to be back! My 8-day break from La Baguette Magique wasn’t a result of writer’s block or blogosphere desertion… I was away last week-end, and then on Monday the decorators took over my house for the week, for a long-overdue refresh. I am delighted with the results and would like to casually share a few pictures with you, like old friends do!

I do decorate my own home and put a lot of attention to detail in the process, however the lounge is a tricky space as it incorporates the open staircase and I find the walls of the latter daunting in terms of decorating, so prefer to leave them to the experts… I also currently have a variety of other projects on the go and, with time being a precious commodity and with my propensity to flutter from project to the next like a butterfly, I thought it wiser to offload the decorating to professionals who would stand a better chance at sticking to their 5-day timeframe promise than if I did undertake the task!

My partner and I chose Mellow Mocha by Dulux for the walls. The name conjures up an idea of gourmandise (very suited to me!): think white coffee, very diluted to the point where the traditional café latte colour almost fades away. At this very moment is its encounter with a light-hearted touch of milky hot chocolate, creating a tone of mauve that subtly balances between warmth and cold, a welcome diversion from the previous scheme of Suede (an off-white with a hint of grey/ green) set against a feature wall of light ochre (very trendy back in 2001!).

Woodwork, including the actual wooden staircase, has been recoated, this time in a silk finish, making the surface less slippery underfoot than traditional gloss. Babushka seems to agree with me on this!

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