25 Sep 2009

Herb Garden (Part 1)

Dear readers, you may have been intrigued by the photo recently posted on The Sweet Smell of Success, and I thought it was time I introduced you to my little furry companion, Tickle (a.k.a. Tick-Tick)…

Monsieur Tickle

I am sure you will agree with me that he’s a cute and charming Jack Russell Terrier! He may be small in size but his temperament is invertedly big, which those of you familiar with the breed will recognise as the Napoleon complex, one of their major yet lovable traits. Therefore do not be fooled by the cuteness and little bundle of a dog, because monsieur Tickle doesn’t see himself as a JRT, but rather as a bullmastiff... Many a time his boldness and provocation have landed him into hot water, but at least there never is a dull moment in his life! He is also extremely affectionate, loyal and territorial, the best guard dog I could think of, suited to my needs and my small surroundings.

With the arrival of Tickle 3 years ago from the local dogs’ home, the garden needed an overhaul. We let the lawn reclaim our courgette patch, and decided that the herbs would be safer if grown in terracotta pots than left in the ground… Thus chives, mint and marjoram migrated into the safety of their new surroundings, while the 6-ft-tall bay leaf tree was judged strong enough to sustain any potential assault from Tickle!

Potted chives, mint and marjoram next to my hydrangea.

The beauty of growing potted herbs is that they stay contained. Mint, sage, chives and marjoram for instance all have a propensity for spreading way beyond their ‘territory’ and will soon be found across the garden path or on the other side of the fence… Aromatic herbs will also fight amongst themselves for space and it is best to keep them in separate pots for this effect (to be continued).

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